Shot Plan for Video

Shot Plan –

  1. Establishing shot of new building
  2. Coach one to one with a boxer. (punch pads) – 3 angles
  3. Boxer– punching towards the camera (ducking)
  4. People training on the weights
  5. People running on the track (from behind, side angle, and footwork shots)
  6. People skipping and on punch bags (long, mids, close-ups and facial expressions)
  7. Foot work shots – many different angles – people
  • Side angles
  • From the back
  • Stomp
  1. Low angle shots looking up at boxer either punching the punching bag or training with coach boxers
  2. Coach doing demonstration to a group
  3. Coach talking to the group/ or individual person

Interview with Coach

  • What does it mean to have the new facilities, what impact do you think it will have to the club, what are your hopes for the future of the club
  • How much did the move and new facilities cost, how much of that was funded by the lottery.
  • Sign off – quote something like “it is incredible to have the new space and I have high hopes of a couple of the lads moving forward”
  • What is boxing? Team sport, pulling together and supporting each other, close nit environment

Interview with boxer

  • What does it mean to you as a boxer to have these facilities? Ie gives routine, focus, challenge, fitness and discipline
  • What advice would you give others if they want to get involved?
  • How many days of the week do you train and what’s your targets within boxing?

Key facts

  • Each (-) means pause before continuing to talk
  • Each single shot to last at least 10 seconds
  • Use the key codes and conventions – not breaking the 180-degree rule
  • Looking space on interviews and using the rule of thirds

Digital Versions of My Sketches

After coming up with some ideas, I then produced digital versions so see how well they came out. There where designs that didn’t look good at all when I produced hem and others looked more appropriate for the task.

The Bad attempts 

Screenshot (10).png

This one looked wrong and didn’t seem to be a brand that would be catchy or remember-able. As I didn’t like the digital version I ruled it out and decided to move on.

Screenshot (9).png

This next design was a complete failure as I tried to create an Additions logo. This used typography as well as a picture. This would not be a brand identity as it is too much and at different sizes will become unreadable and not good at all.

I ruled this one out and decided not to try and develop it further as it wasn’t going to become my brand.

OK Brand Ideas

Screenshot (8)Screenshot (12)

This logo was better then the ones above, however I didn’t feel it was creative enough. It is very basic and not that what people will remember. My design has to be more creative and so that I stand out amongst others. This logo was that what reflects that to what’s already out on the market. Journalist generally just have there names simply done. I want to push boundaries of what is the normal for people in the Journalism field. The second logo with the black, white and yellow is designed that way as these are my sporting colours. In both of these logos i have designed each letter used in Illustrator.

My favourite brand ideas 

Screenshot (11)

This design is my favourite by far. it really reflects me. The ‘C’ and the ‘M’ are made from wheelchair tires. This is key as i am disabled  and not ashamed to represent this aspect of my life. The wheels are symbolic as they showcase my personality. The chair transports me around but I am the individual. some people say they don’t want to be defined as a wheelchair user but I see it that its a part of me and why be ashamed.

This design is the building blocks which i want to work from. I want to make it flow better and to make the ‘M’ a continuous flow. The ‘M’ to me looks to much like the McDonalds ‘M’. This could get me into a legal issue if kept this was so by making it flow better and get ring of the central piece of the ‘M’ will help to make it less like the McDonalds brand. The brief states it must work in colour as well as black and whites. My chosen colour scheme will have dark reds or golds.

Statement of Intent – My Brand Identity

For this assignment, I will produce a brand identity for myself. This design will be influenced by research, theories and semiotics. I will produce a brand which is just black and white, also using colour. Everything has a purpose, whether it is through hidden meanings or something which is so obvious.

I firstly want to create a number of different designs as it will showcase the possibilities and my thought process. By having a number of designs will also allow me to analyse what I like and dislike in the designs. I might incorporate different sections of different designs if I deem appropriate.

In one of my designs I want to showcase a sporty aspect of my personality, but at the same time showcase who I am and what is unique about me. For instance, I have a disability and am able to study a degree. This pushes the boundaries to what some people may believe some with a disability can achieve. I want it to be simplistic but at the same time show creativity.

Reflection on Creativity and Design


When it comes to creative flair it is clear to see that lots of people are naturally creative at a specific time of the day where they are most creative. For me I personally find I am the most focused and creative around the evening hours of 7 – onwards. Other individuals take longer to develop creative skills and need more time to enhance these skills. many people tend to keep a pen/paper/Dictaphone with you at all times so they can record ideas as they think of them or see something they think will help them later on.

Leaflets are a good example of what can spark inspiration or ideas for a design. Leaflets all have specific typefaces from there fonts, layout, colour scheme etc. every design we see over time doesn’t always stick in our brains so by following the three main skills to becoming a more organised and prepared designer will help us in later life. In the real world of work we could be asked to write, design, present on a topic that we know very little about and by keeping a record of things may help to influence the piece to success.

There are 3 stages to aiding creativity


Collecting things that are raw material can be useful and they are not always inspiration or ideas but maybe handy to take influence from the written styles, house styles like colour pallets etc. There are a number of sites that are really useful when keeping collections in one place. Pinterest, Google +, one drive are all great for collecting. You may think that things are useless but most things will be relevant at some point


  • Observing life – drawing or photographs/videos
  • Books
  • Magazine – keep up with what’s going on, look at all genres too – you might not always be working in the area you would like
  • Found typography – Appropriate fonts for the story, shop signs
  • Stuff off the internet – Pinterest, google+, Deviant Art, YouTube, Blogs, Be aware that a lot of things online are opinion and not facts, look at colour schemes
  • Freebies – Flyers that get handed out on a night out, look at design
  • Leaflet racks – content of leaflets – how have they been written, how is it marketed to their intended audience
  • Clothing Labels/Tags – some are nicely designed – makes you think about it if you have to untie it, extra detail – makes it seem higher end
  • Packaging – is sells based on designs and products but the packing can reflect the product.
  • Photos – even one that have gone wrong, photos using other objects
  • Doodles


Cataloguing can be extremely useful as it is a visual aid that allows you to see exactly what you have saved for an idea. Google+ is visual through images instead of just a list like the favourites list are. In favourites it just saves the link and doesn’t show what it is actually about, this means it will be harder to find something useful when needed.

There are many different ways to keep a catalogue, for instance;

  • Sketchbook/Notebook – keep it on you all the time
  • Binders
  • Box files – to put things in
  • IPhoto/Flickr – some have lots of info on them e.g. date etc.


When creating a product, piece of writing or whatever needed it is important that we work to deadlines.

However, if the creative juices just aren’t flowing then you could change the environment you are in. Possibly go out for fresh air or go to somewhere where you can focus more Peace and quiet maybe key. If you have a mental block then there is no point just spending hours and not getting anywhere then Go to bed get some rest. In the morning something may come to you.

Brainstorm and mind map is a good way to get ideas onto paper, once ideas are down then it is easier to make better choices. Ideas will develop and possibly merge.

The use of mood boards can work to our advantage.  The advantages of a mood board is that it narrows it down ideas, clients can make them if you ask. Mood board are how it makes you feel. Key when trying to make an emotion.

Style boards are also useful this can layout ideas on how something will look. For instance, Colour Pallet can be chosen from an image that gives the feel you would like to portray.

As a journalist it is imperative I take these three skills and put them into my own practice. This will help me become a much better designer and keep up with current styles, whilst putting my own spin on a topic. The skills will help save time as I will have things that will give me direction when struggling. Over the next few weeks I hope to develop my own catalogue.



Potential Newsworthy Stories

Before deciding on the topic I am going to do for this task. I brainstormed a few potential stories and who I may want to interview for each one.

Hull City of Culture 2017 

There is a lot of things happening on the build up to the city of culture 2017. This could be an idea as it is informative and very newsworthy for local broadcasts. If I was to do this then I would contact the council to do a sit down interview on what is currently happening and what the expectations are in the next few months. Also Vox pops make the story more humanised as it shows the emotion running through local’s minds. Footage could be of the renovations of the city, blue prints and expected outcomes. Work men on work sites around the city developing what will be a modernised and better design.

Independent shops and business struggles

This was an idea as the independent coffee shop in the town centre has closed down due to lack of business and competition from other big named branded shops. Only a few months after the coffee shop did an interview speaking about the success of the business, it goes complete out of business and shuts down. Interview would be with the owner of the independent cafe and competitors in the market. Vox pops would add public’s views on what their preferences are – whether there more inclined to use branded shop in comparison to independent stores. Why they have this opinion and what they would like to see more of in terms of shops/businesses.

New boxing club opening up

This will be a VT package on a boxing club that has just opened and what they hope to achieve. Interview will be of the coaches speaking about what the club brings to the community and why boxing. Footage will be of the kids training inside and outside of the ring. General views, close ups will be seen within the video. I believe this one will make the best edit as there is so much that I could do with it.

By having options I can make a decision based on everything, I will look at accessibility, impacts, target audiences, what people in the city want to know and which I think I could do the best job at.

Assignment 2 – Statement of Intent (Potential Ideas)

After been given my new brief, I had to think about who I wanted to focus the project on. This was a really tough decision as a lot of people have inspired me but in different ways.

Some of the people I thought about researching are

  • Michael Moore – if I choose him I would focus the work around when he presented and did the ‘bowling for Columbine’. Focusing on his visual and verbal techniques, his target audience. Finally his presenting style. (presenting techniques)
  • Ade Adepitan- I would focus the task around the transition from basketball to presenting. Showing the journey and the career change.
  • Malala Yousafzai – I would do a timeline of her life but focus on her ideologies and how her actions have made her one of the most recognised people.

Ade Adepitan inspires me because of the journey he has been through and how he has adapted to his circumstances. He has a life that would be challenging to an abled bodied person but he pushes on. He faces the challenges head on and lives an extraordinary life. This is important to me as it made me realise that this career path is achievable and that it would be a career that I would love to do. It takes hard work and determination. I think if I choose Ade I think it will be fun, interesting and eye opening.

Malala Yousafzai inspires me as I like the ideas of a fair world where gender, race and other key features don’t matter and isn’t an issue. Also Malala showcase if you believe in something it doesn’t matter how young you are to be heard. I like the ways she didn’t shy away from her ideologies and made a break in trends. Others would have not spoken out. she has won plenty of awards for standing up and making people aware of issues and fighting for woman’s rights to education and equally. I believe I would be able to meet the brief given as she has done so much. There’s books, blogs, journals and so many more sources.

Michael Moore is a massive influence in his presenting style. He isn’t afraid to speak out and shows how important contacts are. He has a lot of my respect.

Developing My Online Portfolio

To accompany my blog on WordPress, I was then required to create an online presence that will be considered my ‘Personal Foundation’ based website. I will be using and utilising the Wix online website builder, in order to help me develop and create my online platform. When I have finished creating my online presents it will act like a portal in which will evidence the work I undertake in the next 3 years.

Before I started to make my online presents I had to identify the ways I want to represent myself, what tones, colours, writing styles and so much more. To help me, I did some preparation work. These are the fundamentals I will use when developing my online presents.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 15.46.47

Once, I had picked Wix as a starting point I found a template in the Portfolio and CV section. To help me get started I had to make it personalised to me this meant that I had to change the preset titles, banner layout, image boxes, call buttons, below the fold and the additional information banner at the bottom of the page.

The template I used was this one below as i thought i could change this to make it a personal website:

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 14.23.41

As my Online Portfolio will be viewable by everyone and anyone, I need to make sure it is of the best quality, it reflects on me and MY PERSONALITY. Because of this it is essential for me to consider carefully the image I want to use. In order for me to fully meet the brief I must use appropriate conventions and techniques to write and present information and ideas in a form and style, which is suitable for specified audiences and purposes.

My portfolio site will evolve over the 3 years and I am expected to incorporate any new work and skills into it as you progress this means that the ways I present myself online will change and become of a much higher standard. This will help me to develop and create a good base to be graded on alongside with my WordPress blog. The mandatory elements that I must follow are the structure formats.

My site must consist of the following:

  • Home page
  • About you
  • Gallery of your work
  • Contact
  • Link to you blog

In the images below it shows my home page: (banner, below the fold and the additional information banner at the bottom)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is not complete however, it shows a start to my thought process.

In the banner at the top, I made sure that i had the right pages and navigation set up. Also changing the title to something much more appropriate and personal to me. I then changed the colour of the background and to the text. There will be a colour scheme running all the way through the website. these are blacks, whites and yellows. The reasons for this is that these colours symbolise my personality

black and white = Hull F.C Wheelchair rugby league in which is a big part of my life. Yellow/Gold= Stingers wheelchair basketball team in which i played for. This also represents success and what I want from life.

Below the fold in the home page, i changed the image from a random woman to a picture of me. I also changed the headline/ title. These probably won’t stay it was just to show that i can change something to make it more personalised to me. I also changed the call buttons and navigation to make it easier for my target audience, whilst try to give them a good experience. in the image below it shows how i changed it.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 15.12.22

In the addition information banner at the bottom of the page I made sure that the colour schemes match that of the banner at the top. i also personalised the information adding in my personal information to make it personal.  In the screenshots below it shows how i changed the size, colour and the information.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall, I believe that with time and practice i could develop my online presents and make changes that will help me develop my professionalism online. Over the next three years i do expect the website to change dramatically.


When starting this task, it was really unusual for me as i prefer boundaries, mandatory elements. Something to help me gain a grasp of what is required for structual reasons. As there were no boundaries, the task was wide open. I had multiple of ideas that I was contemplating however i decided that i was going to make a Promotional video for and about those who participate in disability sports. In my previous blog post shows my thought process.

Before, i can start to put my video together i have to conduct the correct research into the topic. This will allow me to gain a higher knowledge, this is crucial as it means i can further the data i provide in the video. To make sure that i cover as much different styles of research i created a “Research Plan”, through doing this it allows me to find exactly what is needed or may be of use. i will add to this as i go along in the project. If you follow the link it will show you my plan.

Research plan for promotional video production project 

Another, important part when having deadlines is to be organised and prepared. To make sure that this assignment will be ready on time, i created a production schedule. This identifies what the tasks are for each week leading up to the deadline. If the tasks are not complete then, i will be behind and not meet the deadline on time but by having a clear structure will allow me to utensil my time more efficient and well.  If you follow the link it will show you my production schedule.

Production schedule promo

I also created a proposal based on my idea, this clearly highlights the task, aims and objectives, the format and target audiences. This is a good document to have because if i was to present this i could give this the the viewers, instantly they will understand the video. This is also good when working with Live clients as they change there minds a lot and having this document means that they can highlight the mandatory elements. its sort of like a guide, contract. if i follow what is asked of me then i know i can’t go wrong. If you follow the link it will show you my proposal.

Proposal for promo vid

I still have to do the storyboard to map out what footage will go where. edit decision list to help show that i picked out the key bits within footage. recess and risk assessments of locations where filmed to make sure that i highlight any potential risks.


Mind map of ideas

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 14.16.13


We have been asked to plan and create a 3-minute video that reflects on any topic we choose. I have chosen to focus my 3-minute video on Disability sports and the aspirations for getting involved in sports. Before conducting any filming, I have to do lots of research into the different disability sports available in the local area and research that will help give my video factual and accurate information. Also to gain more knowledge on people I have potentially lined up for interviews, this is important as when in an interview I want to be able to build up that rapport and keep the conversation flowing with ease. If the interviewee brings up a good point and I haven’t done the correct research I will struggle to have a follow up question that may be crucial for my video.

Some of the things I am hoping to include are

  • Actuality footage
  • Archive footage from my previous work
  • Interviews
  • Titles
  • PTC’s Piece to cameras
  • Royalty free music

In the interviews I conduct will all follow the same structure, for instance ask similar or the same questions. For me this is important as when coming to edit the video together, I can montage interviews, picking out the key sound bites.

From experience of doing projects before it takes a lot of planning (pre-production). This makes the filming process much more clear and easy. Some of the documentations I will be providing is:

  • Camera shot list. This is crucial as it plans out the different types of shots I will need to capture when out on location. Having planned this out means I can get exactly what I want. Having a mixture of shots will help when at the post production stage, as it will allow me to pick and chose the best.
  • Recce and Risk assessment will be done of each location as it will ensure a safe work place, and highlight any potential risks making me aware so I can minimalise risks and danger.
  • Storyboards will be done to help me plan and map out the video structure, when editing it will cut down time as I know where I want to place each piece of footage.
  • Edit decision list will showcase all footage taken and if I will be using it or not and reasons why.
  • Talent release forms will need to be signed by any interviewee so that it gives me the right to use all footage taken

All the pre production documents will help me to prevent any risks, save time and make sure I don’t get in any sticky situations. I think it will turn out really well if I do all the right research, plan and leave myself time to edit it to the best standard.