Statement of Intent – My Brand Identity

For this assignment, I will produce a brand identity for myself. This design will be influenced by research, theories and semiotics. I will produce a brand which is just black and white, also using colour. Everything has a purpose, whether it is through hidden meanings or something which is so obvious.

I firstly want to create a number of different designs as it will showcase the possibilities and my thought process. By having a number of designs will also allow me to analyse what I like and dislike in the designs. I might incorporate different sections of different designs if I deem appropriate.

In one of my designs I want to showcase a sporty aspect of my personality, but at the same time showcase who I am and what is unique about me. For instance, I have a disability and am able to study a degree. This pushes the boundaries to what some people may believe some with a disability can achieve. I want it to be simplistic but at the same time show creativity.

Statement of Intent for CATS Comparison Essay

For my comparison essay, I have chosen to look more in-depth at Rageh Ommar and Ernie Pyle. Both of these journalists/correspondents reported on war. some of the key things I will be comparing and contrasting are:

  • Their work
  • Political Views
  • Influences
  • Reputations
  • House styles and Technology’s

I believe that both Plye and Ommar will be really interesting to analyse as they both have served a long and successful career. Working in a different era will help to showcase comparisons in how they did their reporting and job. Even though they have a lot of difference they also shared similar traits as well. These two war correspondents worked years apart, but the way in which news is reported has changed.

I will use key quotes to back up what I am saying. There are many things I can do in order to gain knowledge on the reporters. For instance using the library facilities, use books, the internet and any other sources if needed.

The essay will be 2000 words in total and will contribute 30% towards my overall marks for CATS. 10 %, either way, will still be appropriate for the work count.

Statement of Intent – Chosen Idea

To approach the topic, ‘life of a person that inspires you in journalism context’, I have decided to examine the life of Malala  Yoursafzai. The reason why I chose to do Malala is because there is some much that I could include and talk about. For instance, books she has had published, documentaries and so much more.

I’ve spoken about my thoughts and ideas on why I would like to cover on Malala as a topic on an earlier blog post. She is really inspiring and has a lot that I can use to make an interactive story.

I will use open source digital storytelling software’s. This will allow me to create an audience friendly piece of work, which will give them a good experience.


VT Package – Statement of Intent

I have finally decided that I am going to focus on the new boxing club opening up in Hull. This is because I feel that it is off local public interest as the sports scene in Hull is so hugely successful and important to people. I also feel that there is so much I could do with the story.

  • PTC or Voice overs
  • Interviews with trainers and people that attend the club
  • General views – foot work, punch shots, slow motion shots etc.
  • royalty free music to add emotions/ tension

I also think I could produce a good high quality product. I need to book out equipment in order to get quality sound and footage. I will be using Canon camera from 60D to 1200D. Sound I will be using a zoom Dictaphone, shot gun mic which also requires a XLR cable.

Just after, I picked this story, i got a tip of from a friend that tied in with my other original idea about independent traders struggles on the lead up to the Hull City of Culture. I know that this tip off is very newsworthy and I can cover the story to a high standard

Assignment 2 – Statement of Intent (Potential Ideas)

After been given my new brief, I had to think about who I wanted to focus the project on. This was a really tough decision as a lot of people have inspired me but in different ways.

Some of the people I thought about researching are

  • Michael Moore – if I choose him I would focus the work around when he presented and did the ‘bowling for Columbine’. Focusing on his visual and verbal techniques, his target audience. Finally his presenting style. (presenting techniques)
  • Ade Adepitan- I would focus the task around the transition from basketball to presenting. Showing the journey and the career change.
  • Malala Yousafzai – I would do a timeline of her life but focus on her ideologies and how her actions have made her one of the most recognised people.

Ade Adepitan inspires me because of the journey he has been through and how he has adapted to his circumstances. He has a life that would be challenging to an abled bodied person but he pushes on. He faces the challenges head on and lives an extraordinary life. This is important to me as it made me realise that this career path is achievable and that it would be a career that I would love to do. It takes hard work and determination. I think if I choose Ade I think it will be fun, interesting and eye opening.

Malala Yousafzai inspires me as I like the ideas of a fair world where gender, race and other key features don’t matter and isn’t an issue. Also Malala showcase if you believe in something it doesn’t matter how young you are to be heard. I like the ways she didn’t shy away from her ideologies and made a break in trends. Others would have not spoken out. she has won plenty of awards for standing up and making people aware of issues and fighting for woman’s rights to education and equally. I believe I would be able to meet the brief given as she has done so much. There’s books, blogs, journals and so many more sources.

Michael Moore is a massive influence in his presenting style. He isn’t afraid to speak out and shows how important contacts are. He has a lot of my respect.