Reflection on Mobile Journalism 

Think 6 ps

  • Purpose – What is the story, what is it I want to produce?
  • Plan – who to interview what multi media do I need to use. Equipment needed. Wifi and editing tools apps in the field.
  • Production – what apps need to be used.
  • Publishing – Make sure wifi is available.
  • Cross posting – what apps can you duplicate the content over. Getting the news spread
  • Position – Maps or geo- tagging could it be useful to project.

To me as a Journalist this is incredibly important to remember as this will help to ensure that I am getting the news out sufficiently, at a fast speed and over many different pieces of multi media. This means the news can be seen or heard by the audience.

Key facts

  • Make sure when filming your phone is horizontal (home button should be on the right hand side) This is because a TV screen is this way. People don’t view things up and down but across. This also helps to capture a wide view of the scene.
  • Make sure the phone is fully charged and any other equipment. Loss of power means the news can’t be published or captured.
  • lens can capture dust and get things on so make sure the lens is cleaned.
  • Notifications can be a pain and disrupt filming so put it on areoplane mode.

The Independent Traders Struggles in Hull

On Wednesday the 16th of March, a friend messaged me about a Facebook message that she had seen. the was message was posted on that day by the owners of the Panini shed in Hull

IMG_0300.PNG After, seeing this Facebook message, I thought that it was incredibly important to stand up for those who own independent businesses in Hull. I planned to do this by allowing them to explain how it made them feel, how angry they are and what the public think of the councils decisions.

The next day I prepared the PTC scripts, both intro and outro . I also rang the Council to try and get a quote from the based on the story. This would balance out the story and wouldn’t appear to be as bias. The outcome of the phone call was that the department I needed to talk to was closed and that I need to ring back in the morning. Before the phone call ended the woman on the other end of the line said that it would be doubtful they would want to comment.

Not long after the phone call, I went to spend a bit of time with my family and watched some rubbish on TV. As i got bored I then went onto the Hull daily Mail website and came across an article that they has recently published a few hours ago on the story, I planned to cover.

This was the Hull Daily Mails coverage – click on the web link to go to the article



Potential Newsworthy Stories

Before deciding on the topic I am going to do for this task. I brainstormed a few potential stories and who I may want to interview for each one.

Hull City of Culture 2017 

There is a lot of things happening on the build up to the city of culture 2017. This could be an idea as it is informative and very newsworthy for local broadcasts. If I was to do this then I would contact the council to do a sit down interview on what is currently happening and what the expectations are in the next few months. Also Vox pops make the story more humanised as it shows the emotion running through local’s minds. Footage could be of the renovations of the city, blue prints and expected outcomes. Work men on work sites around the city developing what will be a modernised and better design.

Independent shops and business struggles

This was an idea as the independent coffee shop in the town centre has closed down due to lack of business and competition from other big named branded shops. Only a few months after the coffee shop did an interview speaking about the success of the business, it goes complete out of business and shuts down. Interview would be with the owner of the independent cafe and competitors in the market. Vox pops would add public’s views on what their preferences are – whether there more inclined to use branded shop in comparison to independent stores. Why they have this opinion and what they would like to see more of in terms of shops/businesses.

New boxing club opening up

This will be a VT package on a boxing club that has just opened and what they hope to achieve. Interview will be of the coaches speaking about what the club brings to the community and why boxing. Footage will be of the kids training inside and outside of the ring. General views, close ups will be seen within the video. I believe this one will make the best edit as there is so much that I could do with it.

By having options I can make a decision based on everything, I will look at accessibility, impacts, target audiences, what people in the city want to know and which I think I could do the best job at.

News Supplement – December Event

Beverley Festival of Christmas at Beverley Saturday Market

Takes place Sun 13 Dec 2015

Beverly is throwing a Christmas festival at the market. Which is the largest Festival of its kind in Yorkshire. This year on 13th December, it is expected to have over 100 festive stalls, music, performances and so much more. There will be something for everyone. Even small children from a visit from Santa and a fairground.

And best of all, it’s free.

Please note, the deadline for a stall place has closed this year, but always opportunities next time around.