Reflection on Final Video

For my video assignment, the story I chose to cover in the end was the new boxing club that has opened up in Hull.

General views are prominent in my piece as I want to create a fast paced montage showcasing different angles and footage. I have two interviews within the final edit. In total I did 5 but had to pick only the best content due to time restrictions. I also did an introduction (PTC) and sign off. Included an infographic with quotes and titles.

In my opinion this story would be typically seen towards the back of a news bulletin as it’s not major like a accident or crime etc. but it has still had a huge impact of a specific area in Hull. I don’t think it would be right at the end as more light hearted stories would go there. This news story is upbeat and of public interest in the area.

Overall, I feel the project went well and that I had an extensive amount of footage to choose from. This helped me to have enough high quality content and so I didn’t have to use bits I wasn’t satisfied with. Within this assignment I tried to incorporate all the techniques we have gone over in the previous sessions. For instance, 180 degree rule, composition, variety and rule of thirds.

There are improvements that i could have done in my opinion. This would be to re do the first PTC again as the background wasn’t the best. Also the exporting cut of the end of the word at the end. Also the sound quality on the interviews could have been improved. I did use Audacity and Adobe Audition to try and get rid of the background noises you hear.

Reflection on filming (issues occurred)

Before, going to film I checked all equipment and noticed a few issues with it. one the camera battery had gone dead over the time  borrowed. I didn’t use the equipment at any time prior so it was surprising to find it dead. also, the sound equipment kept popping out the SD card so had to hold the bottom when filming. it did capture the sound however, it wasn’t to the best equality though.

I needed to capture something as Emma wants to see evidence of us doing the assignment. I ended up having to use my Canon camera when filming. It isn’t as high spec as the one I borrowed but at least, I had something to show when back off easter.

There was also a few issues with the location of filming, I did a recce of the building before going and it looked fine (big enough space). however, once all the people and coaches started to train the space became really small and difficult for me to get around and into spaces. I captured as much footage as I could but I didn’t get all the shots I wanted. plus space wasn’t big enough to always use a tripod so some of the footage had slight movements.

I know realise what I could have done better, I will have to stick with what content I have for this assignment as it will be difficult to get back to the training sessions.

There are a few positives to come out of the project. I gained valuable contacts which are going to inform me of things happening in Hull in the upcoming months. Also, have more of an understanding of how important space and location is.

Script for PTC’s or Voice Overs

Just 2 years after being awarded £244,500 from a lottery grant, the fitness centre in Orchard Park is finally complete.

The new cutting edge facilities in north Hull will help to encourage more young people in the area to take part in the sport.

Boxing is so important to the people of Hull with Luke Campbell Olympic success. More people have now been inspired to try out boxing and aim to get boxing achievements.

One of the youngster’s has a fight on the upcoming Saturday and this is what she had to say

Shot Plan for Video

Shot Plan –

  1. Establishing shot of new building
  2. Coach one to one with a boxer. (punch pads) – 3 angles
  3. Boxer– punching towards the camera (ducking)
  4. People training on the weights
  5. People running on the track (from behind, side angle, and footwork shots)
  6. People skipping and on punch bags (long, mids, close-ups and facial expressions)
  7. Foot work shots – many different angles – people
  • Side angles
  • From the back
  • Stomp
  1. Low angle shots looking up at boxer either punching the punching bag or training with coach boxers
  2. Coach doing demonstration to a group
  3. Coach talking to the group/ or individual person

Interview with Coach

  • What does it mean to have the new facilities, what impact do you think it will have to the club, what are your hopes for the future of the club
  • How much did the move and new facilities cost, how much of that was funded by the lottery.
  • Sign off – quote something like “it is incredible to have the new space and I have high hopes of a couple of the lads moving forward”
  • What is boxing? Team sport, pulling together and supporting each other, close nit environment

Interview with boxer

  • What does it mean to you as a boxer to have these facilities? Ie gives routine, focus, challenge, fitness and discipline
  • What advice would you give others if they want to get involved?
  • How many days of the week do you train and what’s your targets within boxing?

Key facts

  • Each (-) means pause before continuing to talk
  • Each single shot to last at least 10 seconds
  • Use the key codes and conventions – not breaking the 180-degree rule
  • Looking space on interviews and using the rule of thirds

Reverting Back to Original Story (Boxing)

Due to the issues, I previously spoke about in the last blog post. I have no choice in the matter to scrap the traders story and just put all my focus and attention into the boxing club which has just opened. It was a good job that I looked for more than one story as I wouldn’t have had anything to focus on for my assignment.

I know need to do research into what facts I can use for my script and get an idea of what angle I want to take. once I have these I need to prepare a shot list, interview questions, and script for PTC or Voice overs.