Issue with Documentary with Changes

Looking back at the video Youtube it appears blurry and pixelated and I don’t understand why. I asked Danielle what format to export it out as and she said to do it as the same as before. So that’s what I did. I am going to re-export it out as other file formats and see which one is the best. I’ve tried Quicktime, AVI, and Mpeg4.

It is really stressing me out as it looks fine on the project timeline but when exported it changes.

Feedback from group member

I sent Danielle a draft of the documentary video. She wasn’t keen on the soundtrack we used and wanted some of the footage speeding up. I asked her what sound clip she thought would be more suitable and she sent me a link to download. I don’t particularly agree that, the soundtrack is better but as its a group project I will trust that she is correct.

We both agreed that the sound levels on the interview section is too low and doesn’t match the levels as everything else. I have audio gained it but when I went more it just sounded like Mickey Mouse so I command z it so it went back to the way it was. If we were to do this task again I would make sure we had better sound equipment but due to other students not returning equipment to stores, we didn’t have much choice and still had to move forward with the project.

Nearly Finalising the Editing

Between me and Danielle we have edited the full documentary together, we have looked at transitions and the brightness of each clip to make sure they follow on.

We both agreed we still need voice overs and PTC’s just to give it all context. I said to Danielle if she films them and sends me them I will add them to the timeline and clean them up.

I said I would look for relevant royalty free background soundclips and add that in to. Once, happy I will render and export and put onto YouTube and send Danielle the link to it.

Our deadline is the 11th so we have time if needed to go back and alter anything. By sending her the link she can then contact me if she deems anything not right or she thinks needs changing


Regretting my Good Idea

Oh my, the split screen and transitions seem to take me forever to do. It takes so much concentration and energy. I sort of regret suggesting it now but I am going to perceiver and get it done to the best of my ability.

Once, I had done a small amount I showed Danielle and asked her what she thought of it, she suggested a few things that could help to improve the transitions. For instance using a still image until the footage was in place then start the footage speaking.

Over the next 2 days, I want to have the split screens complete. I then need to look at editing the interview together. Danielle has offered to come down and give us a hand with the editing.

Continuing with Editing

We continue to edit the project, where now up to 7 and a half minutes by what we’ve accomplished today.

I had an idea on doing a split screen. We both agreed it was a good idea but Danielle was unsure on how to do it. Therefore, I said I would do it. I remembered that elements but to get my skills better I watched ‘YouTube’ tutorials. It seemed not too difficult to do, but then we wanted the footage to slide in and out of frame too. I said I could do it. We wanted one side to speak then freeze whilst the other side spoke.

To be honest I like a challenge and wanted to do something other than just fades.

Starting the edit

Danielle came to mine today and we started editing the footage together before she came I had already set up the project file and imported all the content we needed. I created bins and labeled them and filed the footage accordingly. This meant that footage later will be easier to find.

When she arrived we went back over our proposal and treatment and verbally discussed what shots we should use where.

Today we only managed to edit the first 4 and a half minutes together but it was a good start.