Reflection on Online Immersive Websites Presentation

Online Immersive Websites

On the 27 April 2016 each person in the group was expected to produce a presentation on what they believe to be an immersive website. We had to conduct research to find 5 different websites in which fitted the task. Once all 5 websites were picked we then had to create a visual presentation and deliver a professional standard presentation. I believe that my presentation went extremely well on the day. I felt that I really understand what an immersive experience are now.

Researching I found interesting as you stubble across many weird and wonderful things. It was evident that some people used the same websites as others. For instance, in mine I used the Latvian Holocaust Mueseum and I think a few others did too. I personally don’t feel this was an issue as it must be affective and must showcase that it is a very engaging and immersive website. I wish looking back now, I picked some of the other websites I had seen when conducting research as people may not have come across them before.

I only used my presentation as a visual aid, there was only bullet points to back up what I was talking about. Lots of images where used within the presentation. I really took on board all the information gained in the previous sessions about how important it is to know your content, how to present well and how to create a PowerPoint slide which isn’t to heavy for the audience. This is my presentation. Click on the link if you want to see.

Immersive Online Experiences – Copy

The main thing that I feel stood out on my presentation was the fact I incorporated screen recordings. Each screen recording was done before the presentation. The screen recordings where of each website, I recorded myself moving around the screen, clicking and hovering over key parts of the website. This was done so that I didn’t have to rely on the hyperlinks and the internet connection to load each page. Especially, within the location we were in, is not a reliable space for internet connections and fast broadband. The screenshots allowed me to not have to jump in and out of the presentation, this allowed me to deliver a much smoother presentation with no hassle. There were limitations in doing this. It didn’t capture sound bites when on the website. The sound would have given the moving image more of an impact. This was not the end of the world because it allowed me as the presenter to talk and explain things without getting distracted. I didn’t feel that I needed a script or cue cards as I really planned out in my head what I wanted to say. I feel that it comes much more naturally when not using aids. As I had practiced I didn’t feel as nervous or anxious to do the presentation. Also it was a very fun task which made things easier.

I really enjoyed this task and the overall brief as it allowed me to full understand what immersive means. In the other section of the brief it really allowed us to use content we found interesting and produce an interactive and immersive online presents. This was really enjoyable and stimulating. I feel the research into immersive online websites really helped with this section of the task as it allows us to see first hand what has already been produced and what the most common elements to making an interactive website succeed and draw viewers in, whilst keeping them engaged with the content. Over the next few years I hope to carry on developing a creative flair to my work as it makes the work so much more alive. These skills learned will be evident in my work from now on because I have to consider, who and where I want my content to be seen. If it is done well then it will help me to become trusted and more well known.


Reflection on Mobile Journalism 

Think 6 ps

  • Purpose – What is the story, what is it I want to produce?
  • Plan – who to interview what multi media do I need to use. Equipment needed. Wifi and editing tools apps in the field.
  • Production – what apps need to be used.
  • Publishing – Make sure wifi is available.
  • Cross posting – what apps can you duplicate the content over. Getting the news spread
  • Position – Maps or geo- tagging could it be useful to project.

To me as a Journalist this is incredibly important to remember as this will help to ensure that I am getting the news out sufficiently, at a fast speed and over many different pieces of multi media. This means the news can be seen or heard by the audience.

Key facts

  • Make sure when filming your phone is horizontal (home button should be on the right hand side) This is because a TV screen is this way. People don’t view things up and down but across. This also helps to capture a wide view of the scene.
  • Make sure the phone is fully charged and any other equipment. Loss of power means the news can’t be published or captured.
  • lens can capture dust and get things on so make sure the lens is cleaned.
  • Notifications can be a pain and disrupt filming so put it on areoplane mode.

Chosen Interactive Storytelling Software

To be honest I’m undecided on which software I want to use for this assignment. I have two interactive storytelling software’s in mind: Racontr or line. These are the most appropriate for this task. Racontr has the most to offer, it can do some many different things. Line is a timeline piece of software so this like I’ve said in a previous said is ideal for my chosen person.

When I have got all the research together, I will then have more of an understanding of what platform I want to present the work on.


Humber Street Research

When creating my DPS on Humber Street, I needed to conduct relevant research to gain a higher level of knowledge about the history and what the plans are for the future. In order to try and make it audience appropriate and to gave the audience a good experience, I had to consider the things that they might be interested in knowing about the topic or what i believe the audience should know.

The first thing I did was develop/ changed a template on Lucidpress. To make it more appropriate for the task. I then thought about the amount of text to images

Out of interest I conducted a short survey/questionnaire on the topic of the Humber street. I went into the town centre to ask the public some of the questions on the survey. In reflection of doing this I believe it was really successful. I could create statistics based on my results and the other information i gained will help to point my research into specific areas based on what is of interest the the public.

  1. If you was to read a magazine, article or double page spread on the topic of Humber street, what information would be of interest and draw you in to reading more?

Some of the people I spoke to said they would be interested in knowing ‘when it started, was there a decline in trading, what the main trading items are  ( i.e. carrots, oranges and potatoes), what developments are happening, how are they going to make it match modern day society’

Tracy 54, said that he would like to know factual information on how the market started and what influenced the changes that are in construction. Also what was the biggest items that were traded.

He then went on to say “This topic is a personal interest as his uncle was one of the main traders in the 60’s /70’s”

2. what colours and design layouts would make you look at an article?

According to members of the public they said that they prefer simple language, not to much text and a fair few images. Images draw there attention.

Chris, 34 said that he likes more basic looking products as many people seem to over work, designs. He then went on to say “he likes contrasting colours like black, reds and yellows as the text needs to be easy to read”

The information, I gathered when speaking to local people was really useful and important to the project, as these would be my main target audience as they are locals and will be affected by the developments that are happening. Also, they would be the most interested by it as its a local street/ market place.

It also has influenced my research as I will try and put in information that the readers would like to know about.

According to – Designated by Hull City Council. 2005. Conservation Area Character Appraisal. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 02 December 15].

“Humber Street was also noted for being the centre for the local wholesale fruit and vegetable trade because of its proximity to Humber Dock and Victoria Pier. Fresh foreign produce arrived daily at Humber Dock and at Victoria Pier market boats laden with local farm produce continuously plied back and forth across the Humber. Despite the closure of Humber Dock in 1969, the Fruit Market remained in its adopted street and turned to road haulage for its deliveries of fruit and vegetables”

This is an important piece of information in my opinion, however I feel if I put this into the product I am creating it will end up looking to much. This will detract the audiences from reading as there will be to much text. As this is an issue, there is only one solution para phrase the text into more manageable and simple amounts.

For instance, My para phrasing sub-edit was 44 word long rather than 82.

‘Humber Street was the centre for the local trading on fruit and vegetables. It was close to the dock and imported daily goods. When the closure of Humber Dock happened in 1969, the Fruit Market remained its legacy and started deliveries of the goods.’

I then went on to research about the items that traders where selling and what the main items where. This seemed to be something most people where asking about and would be of interest to them. personally, this wouldn’t be of interest to me as, I would want to know more about current news whats happing now. However, it this is what the audience want to know then I will find out for them.

I wanted to include how the town is bring back the legacy of the market place in hull.

In the past few years Hull’s historic Fruit Market has been brought back to life thanks to a number of thriving new creative and cultural venues. With art galleries and live music, as well as boutique markets and fine dining, this rather retro location is now a hive of activity. Situated next to Hull Marina it provides access to fantastic restaurants, traditional pubs and stunning views over the River Humber.

over the past few years, Humber street fruit market has been brought back to life with  a 1.6 million investment to revamp the area. With more venues and projects taking place in the area is helping to bring back the vibe and levels of activity. Hull Marina it provides access to fantastic restaurants, traditional pubs and stunning views over the River Humber.

Other websites used to gain information


The finished product I ended up submitting was this 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Personally, I found this task was interesting to cover. However, for me i am not a fan of the online software available, I much prefer the more traditional ways of InDesign. Having, more experience with the softwares in my opinion has a massive impact of the end product. Its definitely not my best work and I feel I could have done a lot more.


Information Graphics Statement of Intent

After, conducting relevant research to the task. I then had to come up with a theme/topic to focus on for me to make my own infographics. This was an opportunity to mould the task to my interests which is Sports – Disability Sports. I collected lots of different types of research to help me with facts and statistics for this task.


The topic choice I picked for my assignment is to look at the results of the 2012 London Paralympics and how different countries did in terms of talent and how many athletes they brought over to compete.

For this task the research will be collated an made into different images, short and snappy statistics or sentences. Also into charts, graphs ect. However, putting my own spin on them to make them something more advanced, in comparison to the everyday simple ones that can be seen.

I have decided to use the colours of the nations within the images and the background presented on to be (Black). This is because it will look more formal and will help to make the colours pop on the page. It also will make  it look clean and professional. The font colours will be (White and Yellow) this is to contrast and juxtapose the background, making it stand off the page.

finally, I will try out different things, to see if they work and if they don’t and identify what i can do in order for it to be better and give the audience a good experience. Things, I have to consider: What is the best data? What will the audience want to know? What may be important for the audience to know? What is the best ways to present the data? By considering all this i will then be able to make something that will be of a high standard.


Reflection on 24LIVEBLOG

In this session we were also introduced to the live blogging online platform. We were asked to join and trial the website out. To show my understanding I started a live blog, the first post was done in the session.

This is a really useful tool as it allow a topic to be updated throughout the day by the publisher. This is done in time and over a minute by minute update. Also it allows live feeds of information for instance sports journalists use this type of tool to keep the intensity of the game. they give out information if a player scores, fouls, tackles and much more.

In my first post, embeds a tweet and titles and text. basically asking a question, showing a poster and making a statement.

Reflection on Poll Daddy

In this session we were introduced to the Poll Daddy site and asked to make a poll on anything we like, this was just to show that i can make and publicise polls to get feedback from the audience. This gives the audience the opportunity to have there say. Allows them to get involved and be a part of something more. it also adds a more immersive online experience for the audience as it allows them to interact. This is a really important tool for me as a practitioner of journalism and gives me an insight into the different platforms and technologies available into adding more to a story or article.

just for a practice, I posed the question do you believe that Michael Buble is a good singer? From this i will get, statistics that may be useful for a further addition story. People can also leave a more personal comment if they want to.

Developing My Online Portfolio

To accompany my blog on WordPress, I was then required to create an online presence that will be considered my ‘Personal Foundation’ based website. I will be using and utilising the Wix online website builder, in order to help me develop and create my online platform. When I have finished creating my online presents it will act like a portal in which will evidence the work I undertake in the next 3 years.

Before I started to make my online presents I had to identify the ways I want to represent myself, what tones, colours, writing styles and so much more. To help me, I did some preparation work. These are the fundamentals I will use when developing my online presents.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 15.46.47

Once, I had picked Wix as a starting point I found a template in the Portfolio and CV section. To help me get started I had to make it personalised to me this meant that I had to change the preset titles, banner layout, image boxes, call buttons, below the fold and the additional information banner at the bottom of the page.

The template I used was this one below as i thought i could change this to make it a personal website:

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 14.23.41

As my Online Portfolio will be viewable by everyone and anyone, I need to make sure it is of the best quality, it reflects on me and MY PERSONALITY. Because of this it is essential for me to consider carefully the image I want to use. In order for me to fully meet the brief I must use appropriate conventions and techniques to write and present information and ideas in a form and style, which is suitable for specified audiences and purposes.

My portfolio site will evolve over the 3 years and I am expected to incorporate any new work and skills into it as you progress this means that the ways I present myself online will change and become of a much higher standard. This will help me to develop and create a good base to be graded on alongside with my WordPress blog. The mandatory elements that I must follow are the structure formats.

My site must consist of the following:

  • Home page
  • About you
  • Gallery of your work
  • Contact
  • Link to you blog

In the images below it shows my home page: (banner, below the fold and the additional information banner at the bottom)

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This is not complete however, it shows a start to my thought process.

In the banner at the top, I made sure that i had the right pages and navigation set up. Also changing the title to something much more appropriate and personal to me. I then changed the colour of the background and to the text. There will be a colour scheme running all the way through the website. these are blacks, whites and yellows. The reasons for this is that these colours symbolise my personality

black and white = Hull F.C Wheelchair rugby league in which is a big part of my life. Yellow/Gold= Stingers wheelchair basketball team in which i played for. This also represents success and what I want from life.

Below the fold in the home page, i changed the image from a random woman to a picture of me. I also changed the headline/ title. These probably won’t stay it was just to show that i can change something to make it more personalised to me. I also changed the call buttons and navigation to make it easier for my target audience, whilst try to give them a good experience. in the image below it shows how i changed it.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 15.12.22

In the addition information banner at the bottom of the page I made sure that the colour schemes match that of the banner at the top. i also personalised the information adding in my personal information to make it personal.  In the screenshots below it shows how i changed the size, colour and the information.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall, I believe that with time and practice i could develop my online presents and make changes that will help me develop my professionalism online. Over the next three years i do expect the website to change dramatically.

Reflection on

In a recent session we were introduced to another website that allow us to create timelines, this was a simple and create tool. As a practitioner of journalism this could be an important tool for me too use, i could use this to help create a much more professional and visually appealing product. This also helps my work to become much more user friendly and creates a much more immersive and visual experience.

in the screenshots below it shows a basic understanding of me entering data into the site.

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Reflection on creating an information graphic

In a recent session, the group was given the challenge of individually turning data into a information graphic. The information we were given were statistics of how male and female rate big brands of chocolate bars. When coming up with ideas, I knew I had to incorporate the genders, statistics and something to represent the chocolate bars. I wanted in my first attempt was to fill up the silhouettes of a man and woman with different colours, to visually show the social standings of each chocolate bar. I also included, the images and statistics surrounding the chocolate bars.

This as a reflection wasn’t a success in my eyes as it looked a bit amateur and not of a high quality information graphic. I then realised that the graphic needed to be easier for the audience to understand. In the image above I used multiple of image downloads from the internet as I needed to make sure the content was accurate and identifiable for the audience. This is important as it means that the data is of the same the brands used. This means that the ethos and the house styles are the same, making this information graphic more accurate and professional. For instance:

  • Mars,
  • Snicker,
  • Freddo,
  • Milkyway,
  • Lion
  • Toffee crisp

And maltesers[i]

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 16.56.36

The information graphic had to look appealing and should communicate the data, in a visual and simple way. To help me create this next graphic, I downloaded multiple images from the internet

  • A silhouettes of a female and male
  • Chocolate[ii]

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 18.16.46

I believe this turned out better than the first attempt however, there are a few things I could do to improve on. This would be use the gender symbols rather than the silhouettes of the genders and leave out the layer mask on the chocolate. I could also incorporate melting chocolate flowing now the tops of the circle, this would help make the information graphic, more appealing and more of a linear narrative.


[ii] file:///Volumes/cs%20hd/practicing%20creating%20data%20design/female.png