Reflection: Grammar Test Results

When doing the grammar test, I got some answers correct and others wrong. For each section completed I got different percentages.

Section 1: The Story of Journalism = 10 out of 10

In this section I found the questions simple and got them correct I guessed the fourth, eighth and the final answer but I just went with the answer I thought was correct and it paid off.

Section 2: How the Newsroom works = 8 out of 10

In this part of the quiz, I thought that it was challenging. It was challenging as some of the sentences in my opinion didn’t make sense. I got question 7 and 9 wrong in this section.

Section 3: Newswriting basics = 8 out of 10

In this section I found the questions simple and got most of them correct. The ones I got wrong was questions 7 and 10.

Section 4: Reporting basics = 7 out of 10

In this section I got three of the questions wrong- for instance; I put affect instead of effect, I put stationary instead of stationery and lay instead of lie. By getting these wrong I realised exactly where I went wrong and what I need to revise when doing a written piece of work.

Section 5: Covering the News = 7 out of 10

In this section I got three of the questions wrong. I feel this was more challenging than the others and got questions 1, 9 and 10 wrong. From going back over the questions I still don’t fully understand the phrasing of the information therefore had to make a response, which I didn’t get correct.

Section 6: Beyond Breaking News = 6 out of 10

In this section I really struggled and it took me a lot longer to answer each question. I feel this was my weakest area as I wasn’t fully sure where the commas needed placing within each sentence. The parts I got wrong where 1, 7, 8 and 9.

Section 7: Law and Ethics = 6 out of 10

In this section I really struggled and it took me a lot longer to answer each question. I feel this was another weak performance of mine. I just don’t fully understand how to word things properly within a sentence. This is something I need to revise and practices.

Section 8: Online Reporting = 8 out of 10

In this section I felt fairly comfortable with when whom and who should be used. I only got 2 wrong which was number 6 and 8. This is definitely something I need to make sure I’m writing correctly within my own practices.

Section 9: Broadcasting Journalism = 6 out of 10

This was challenging to say the least, I got confused over apostrophes and if S’s where needed after some words. As I found this really challenging I will speak to my tutor and see if there are any revision guides for this area of grammar. I got 2, 3, 5 and 6 wrong.

Section 10: Public Relations = 8 out of 10

This was fairly difficult and guessed on most of the questions. Sentence structuring is challenging for me and something I need to work on. I got 1 and 6 incorrect.

Overall I got 74% in the full grammar quiz, which is definitely better than I thought I would get. I wanted to try and make sure I gave every answer a response. Even if it was a guess. I feel that my writing aspect of the course is lacking and I need to keep revising and practicing the basic skills. I need to work on my homophones as I tend to get mix up and struggle getting them down correctly.

CATS – Milestone SELF Evaluation of Presentation

After completing the powerpoint presentation I felt extremely relieved, it was super nerve racking and a VERY stressful process. Overall, I think I did do well considering I completely messed up on the original topic I had chosen. It was to broad and not specific enough, I had really spent a lot of time and thought on that presentation however, finding out I missed the mark just 24 hours before the presentation I realised that I needed to pull something else together so I had something to show.

To be totally honest I fell apart, wasn’t sure how I was going to pull something together in time and honestly I was ready to throw in the towel. It felt like I had the world on my shoulders, no been very well, having family issues and now having 24 hour to start basically from scratch.

What pulled me through was thinking of my twin brother and how i want to make him proud. After, gaining my composure I realised I had a bit of knowledge about a more specific topic that was useful and met the brief. Therefore, I started to research the topic more and created a half decent powerpoint. I also created a script, however had no credit to print it out so tried my best to memorise the content. If i was to do this task again, I would have made sure i could print the content out needed and created cue cards, also made the presentation a lot tighter and better. On some of the slides I feel that there was to much writing. This should have been shorter and more in a bullet point format. This is more appropriate in a presentation. Also, it would have been better if i had the time to rehearse the presentation.

Overall, I was pleased but know there was a large margin that could be improved upon.



In today’s session I presented my final image to the group. Overall, I feel the task went really well as I tried to capture the movements and freeze frames within sports. Getting really positive feedback off my peers really helped me believe in my skills.

I feel this task was really interesting as the challenge to capture a high standard photographs, whilst considering the different compositional techniques. Photography is one of my interests so was fun to try and bring my interests into my project.

The feedback i was given by my peers was really useful as it allows me to understand the positives and where i could improve upon.

Some of the positive comments made:

“The presentation was really well but together and was really effective the ways the image details was displayed”.

“detailed description – Good still frame of the jet ski image”

“The black and white image stood out and I really liked it”

“encapulating, good use of shutter speeds both slow and fast”

“showed a wide range of compositional techniques”

some of the more constructive feedback:

“some of the images could be more in focus as a still image”

“The images could have been cropped in a different way to get rid of more negative space and showcase more what is going on around the action”

“Colours could have been bolder and brighter, to give more intensity to the images”

I really thought the comments where valid and I taken then on board for future images. however, some of the feedback was contrasting and juxtaposed, therefore it depends on each individuals preferences. The fact that people picked up on the range of compositional techniques made me feel proud that i could follow the techniques learned in the previous weeks. I feel there is always room for improvement and sometimes I can be my own worst critic. Holding a camera can be really tricky for me because of my disability so next time when doing a photograph using a fast shutter speed setting I will consider using a tripod. This will help to stop the unnecessary movement i got when trying to get a still image.

Finally, I agree with the constructive feedback, personally I wanted to get the images more bolder and brighter in parts and to crop the images. I am really proud overall of what I produced.

Writing for Purpose – News Story Exercise

In todays session we where given a handout of a story that was featured in the news a while ago. Before, we got the handout carmen changed and moved about sections of the passage.

The challenge was to place and rewrite the article. I had to take into consideration the skills and techniques already leant and put them into practice. For instance, the inverted pyramid, place the most important information at the top. So ideally the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where and why) and sometimes how. Also when rewriting it, it had to be factual, short and snappy to grip the attention of the audience. By doing this it is a lot more likely that they will read on. In the first couple of paragraphs the audience, should know exactly what the article is about. The ending paragraphs should be additional and less important information that gives more background to the topic. Also could give quotes that people have said.

 This was my attempt

A Huddersfield pub goes up into flames and is a suspected arson attack

The Woolpack, on Deighton Road has been subjected to a history of trouble from a number of break-ins and arsonist attacks, over the years.

On Saturday morning the blaze broke out at around 12:30 am, according, to a member of the public.

Members of the public called fire services immediately, it took three fire crews over two hours to get the fire under control as the flames reached the roof and spread throughout the building.

Watch Commander, told police that he suspects that the fire was started from setting a mattress a light, upstairs.

Mr Bagley went on to explain the fire investigation officer worked alongside the police a treat the incident as suspected arson.

At the time of the fire the owner was believed to be in London and no one was injured.

“The pub was undergoing renovations and it looked to be getting towards being finished”

Self Evaluation

Overall I thought the task was fairly challenging. However, I do feel that I placed a lot of the most important information at the top. If I was to do this task again I think that there are things I could of changed and moved around to make more drama. This would draw more people into reading it.