Self Initiated Project- Introduction

For the self-initiated project, the task is to produce high-quality content which will be focused around ‘Modern Slavery’. The client we are liaising with is Professor Gary Craig.

Mr Craig is a professor of social justice and works at Hull University. He is a pioneer as he is the first professor of this kind. His work has helped to highlight and bring forth, what is happening in connection with modern slavery and human trafficking in the UK. He has written around 250 different publications, some which are research reports, journal articles and books.

I believe Prof Gary Craig is a really key and important client as the subject matter and the task is all around his specialities. This means we can pick his brain about the topic. Also finding out about upcoming events, making us able to keep up with what is happening.

As a group were developing a Modern Slavery website which will feature all the content, created through everyone’s self-initiated work.

Reflection on Brief for semester 2

Within this new assignment, I am required to design a document that celebrates and promotes a piece of writing that has been influential within any field of Journalism. This task allows me to be creative and choose a topic of my choice. The content of my document will be used to create typography elements, and generate graphics. Once I have chosen the topic I will have to contextualise the piece of writing and present information surrounding the events that led to the writing itself.

I will be using InDesign in order to produce the document. I am as happy about this as it has so many different features available, and I have also used the software before. In order to refresh my mind on the software, I will spend some time on InDesign. Also I will look at professional documents that have previously been created on the software. This will give me an insight into the different approaches and layouts.

When submitting my work I must:

  • Have a body full of experimental studies, tradition design tests and digital design tests
  • A final document, with all supporting research materials
  • Evaluation document

Contact sheets of all Images taken

These are my contact sheets of the images i have taken. The images range from wheelchair rugby through to basketball. some of these image i have used and edited for previous projects. In order for me to meet the brief i will pick the best 15-30 images, modify them if need be and crop/ manipulate the images. The images have been influenced by multiple of professional photographers from Ernst Haas and Christopher Martin. Not all the images turned out in as expected as the shutter speed – aperture and ISO settings where not set properly. Also the lighting on some of the images wasn’t expectable as the images came out over saturated and of a yellow/ orange colour.

ContactSheet-006ContactSheet-003ContactSheet-david digbyContactSheet-002ContactSheet-005ContactSheet-004

ContactSheet-002 extraContactSheet-001 extra