Breakdown of Brief

For this assignment, I have been asked to find a news worthy story and create a VT package that lasts around 1 minute 40 seconds long. The story could be on anything as long as it’s new and accessible. We have to take on the role as a video journalist meaning that we have to do the following tasks

  1. Find,
  2. Gain access,
  3. capture footage,
  4.  Interview,
  5. conduct piece to cameras or voice overs,
  6. edit it all into a package,
  7. Get it done on deadline.

 I also have to consider sound quality, angles, picture quality to produce a high quality product. In order for this task to be a success we have to gain permission to film and make sure that more footage is captured then what will actually be used. By doing this allows options when editing the piece together. As a journalist this is as important as this is a skill that is transferable in real working life within this industry.

Deconstruction of the Assignment Brief

When given the assignment brief, it outlined the key mandatory elements for the task. The task requires me to develop and create information graphics, using elucidated examples where possible. The task asks me to investigate a topic of my choice. Highlighting key information and apply the skills I have gained to apply visual aids to help generate a larger viewership, also giving the audience more of an experience.

Mandatory elements of the assignment brief are:

  • To Explore brand information graphics, to gain more of an understanding (market research required)
  • To Investigate typography, how this works, what it means and how I could use this skill
  • To Investigate graphic elements, how this works, what it means and how I could use this skill
  • To experiment with graphic elements and typography
  • To Investigate and experimented with compositions and layout. This will enhance the skills and knowledge. Will help me also find a style that works for me.
  • To make sure that when practising my own work that it is appropriate. Making sure language and the theory side is accurate

When creating my own infographic designs, I will need to conduct and depicted multiple methods of research about the chosen topic. This could be that of, market, background, audience, secondary, qualitative and quantitative research. The research that I need to identify and look at will include:

  • history about the subject
  • brands and logos surrounding the subjects,
  • ideologies and views on the subject
  • audiences (physiographic’s and demographics)
  • and key data that might be important

For me as a aspiring journalist is is key for me to be able to develop my creative skills and to keep up with current trends of giving out data to an audience. By following the mandatory aspects of the brief will allow me to gain more understanding on how I can use data graphics, and designs to gain much more appeal for audiences.  When developing my skills I have to demonstrate what I have learned and make sure that the data is factually correct, the tones and connotations behind the subject and the ways I put the information across to the audience.

This is also a learning process; I’m not expecting everything I produce to be perfect, to make sure I don’t make the same mistakes twice I will highlight where I went wrong. This will allow me to understand what could have been done to make it of that high professional standards I aspire to achieve.