Building the Website

Sally originally set up the wix website for us but then it was for the group to add the content and play around with the look and feel of the content.

To be honest I feel like I have added all content to the website as no one else showed up to sessions and it just wasn’t getting done. I don’t want to fail because the other members of the group don’t care or do anything.

I used all the content off the group blog and placed them onto the site. Myself and Danielle spent time finding spring board content, then I added it all to the website. I also did the about page.

I don’t think its right that me and Danielle have been left to do it all. Danielle is setting up new social media pages and adding all the stories that are on the website, this is done through links so that audiences come to our website, here audience may look and spend more time on our website.

Links and Adding Multimedia to my piece of work

When I looked at the website I noticed when I added my work it didn’t add the links or sound clips within my work.

I went back to manage the blog posts on the home page and went back on my stories and added links to springboard users if they wanted to find out more. This wasn’t time consuming but just adds more value and multimedia to each piece. I made the hyperlink stand out to the other information in the piece by changing the colour to red to match the colour schemes of the website.

To add my sound clip back in I had to log into sound cloud and get the embed code. When on the website in the relevant place I clicked HTML and pasted the embed code there. This then made my sound clip work and appear within the piece.

Now I am happy with my pieces because the multimedia helps my work meet the brief.

Adding to the Website – Film & Documentaries Page

This page was empty, therefore I added springboard content and put titles and text boxes and added shapes. I made it a tiled effect as this is what was discussed in the original planning stages. I added the name of the video, link to where the video is originally from and information about copyright.

I think visually this is a good page. I think it follows what we wanted and I think the audience will find it easy to navigate around. I will be changing the background to white to see if that still gives it a professional look


Adding to the Website – About Page

On the website, we have an about page; which is currently empty. So I added the group logo. However, it appeared in a white box and it didn’t look good so I put in in photoshop and deleted the white areas. ones happy I saved it as a PNG file and placed it back in the webpage. I also added a photograph which I took myself of the HSAD building to help people to see that we are students from there.

I then added information – I explained who we are, why were doing this website, named each person in the group and what the content will entail.

This page now will inform people about us so that they can get a better understanding of why we created the website. It also humanises the website as your giving them names of people.


I have uploaded all content onto the website. No one else has done it so I thought I would do so because I do not want to fail. Danielle has mentioned that she is going to look at the fonts and layout. It feels like everything yet again has been left to us two to sort out. No one has had a say in the website as they never turned up and myself, Danielle and Sally have done everything for it. I don’t think it’s fair that others get marked for this module.

It was worrying to see how little people have put on the group blog.

  • There was 6 written pieces of mine and one video
  • 5 written pieces of Danielle’s
  • one piece each for Rob, Fallon and Paul.

I don’t know if they have done anything else because they never communicate and they haven’t uploaded anything else on the group blog. I don’t see work from everyone in my group.

Me having to upload everything has taken time and is causing me to take valuable time away from my other modules which I have to finish. I mean its 1.19 in the morning and ive just finished for the night. I am so disappointed in the group.

Springboard content for the OOTS website

Springboard content is really useful, it allows people to branch out of one website to another based on the similar content of the subject matter. It also helps the users to gain a much bigger insight into the topic and shows them other people’s work. It is clear that we won’t gain extra marks for the self-initiated unit as we have to produce content ourselves. however, springboard content will help to improve our mark for our creative futures part of the project with Sally.

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