Reflection on a New Tabloid Newspaper (New Day)

New Day is a new tabloid. Last new tabloid was launched over 30 years ago so it is really interesting to see someone bringing out something new into the market. This is a bold move because of the rise of digital news. We are all moving into the digital world and access a lot of news online. This could be on websites or on social networking. Some newspapers have a paywall which means you have to pay to use and access their content, where as some are free.

New Day is different because it is politically natural, has no bias so will not try to influence you. It’s constructive journalism. There are no columnists (e.g. Jeremy Clarkson.)

No sport section as this could lead to Gender bias. As it is supposed to appeal to women and men.

Some reasons, this does not sexualise women in the way that the red tops do. (There are a high number of imaged which sexualise women in every edition of the red tops.)

The target demographic is something they have tried to adapt to other newspapers on the market. The audience is very family orientated and the use of language is really simple and easy to understand.

Different colour scheme which is similar that that of a supplement. The use of white space is very prominent and helps to indicate higher quality and quality stories. The text size is high then other newspapers, which in my opinion makes it more for the older generation or so the stories take up more space on the page. This could be because of the lack of content. Ads geared towards women. Gossip pieces (Cheryl etc.) Ending with the “big read” which has a family orientation.

Braking news is not needed because of the internet.

It has no online site. Aims at a different market. Not political. Has a fresh design. I believe the design is new different as it is much more neutral and subtle. I don’t think this is a good thing as it doesn’t scream to readers to read or buy it.

As a journalist I personally don’t think this paper will still be around in a few years. I think it’s come at a time where the world wants new content moving forward with the times and technologies available. I think a new paper on the market has missed the target market as the world is just much more advanced. I personally wouldn’t choose to read this tabloid as I don’t think it grabs my attention enough and I view most things online know a days

Developing Online Platform

In todays session, I carried on developing my online platform. I started to make some more changes to the home page. The first thing I did was change the place holder text to something much more personal. I gave a basic outline to who I was and what the site is about. Making things clear for the audience is imperative as they will be more likely to view my website.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.46.43

I also modified the call buttons from different colours and made then the same colour to match my theme, this helps make my website more organised and clean. I also changed the fonts of the text – to make it appear more inviting and readable.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.40.30

As the internet was really slow and kept freezing this made it really difficult to do. Therefore, i ended up spending most of the lesson focusing on other work that didn’t require the internet. Ideally, I need to spend a lot more time on it to make it more of a finished product.