My Second News Production Day

Here is a link to my news story: http://hyperfruit.net/2016/11/poll-cafes-taking-hull/

Poll: Are cafes taking over Hull?

Shoppers have high concerns about Hull being overrun by the number of cafes and coffee establishments in the city centre.

Hull residents have said that they are worried about the future of the local shopping trade as many franchises of café stores are popping up everywhere and this takes up valuable trading units where other shops could go.

Despite the regeneration of Hull city centre, they feel like they have to travel elsewhere to do their shopping, as they believe that Hull doesn’t have enough variety of stores.

Jude Reed, a shop assistant, added: “Hull should focus on getting better shops and should not open any more cafés, there are way too many.”

We have created a map of the different cafes in Hull.

Student Charlotte Green said, “I like Costa and Caffe Nero but it’s sad that they removed the independent shacks outside of St Stephens for another chain store of Nero.”

Mandy Burton, McColls Manager, also showcased what she felt about a number of cafes in Hull.

My First News Production Day

Here is a link to my news story: http://hyperfruit.net/2016/11/hull-expensive-taxi-fares/

Who’s to blame for overpriced taxi fares around Hull?

Taxi drivers have been left furious because of construction and refurbishment work taking place in Hull city centre.

They feel they have been unfairly blamed by customers for their fare prices going up and think it is unfair that they are taking the brunt of customers’ anger.

Taxi driver Olly Burton, 54, said: “It is ridiculous, all this chaos created is just because of the Hull City of Culture coming up.”

Council chiefs hope the work will improve the paths and roads around the town, ahead of next year’s celebration.

Mr Burton added: “Think they haven’t been taking care of the people of Hull in all this. It’s not fair to the people when a normal fare of £3.80 is now costing around double because of road closures or diversions.”

Waiting times are all strained and people are waiting much longer than they would normally. This is making customers frustrated and sometimes late for their appointments.

Local taxi user Howard Wilson said: “Sounds to me like a taxi driver trying to blame their higher prices on someone else.”

Another member of the public, Joshua Smith, 21 added: “Shame these are the same people who complain Hull is a crap hole and needs developing. Now the Council has got funds to invest and change our city. People need to just hold steady. In the long run hopefully, Hull will be better”

Many people are very vocal about the issues surrounding the city centre’s disruptions and what their experiences have been like using the public transport services.

Emma Williams expresses her frustrations and how she feels taxi companies should have deals on and not expose people to extortionate prices. She went on to say that she is a frequent user of taxi services as she is a wheelchair user and relies on them considerably to get around.

The work is ongoing and is due to be finished early in the new year. No confirmation with a specific date, as of yet.
Who do you think is to blame?

Radio workshop with Richard Horsman

Richard Horsman runs MA at Leeds Trinity.

He came in to do a workshop with us journalism students, to explain the effectiveness of the sound medium in society. Especially in media and journalism. He introduced us to key facts about radio and audio.

Key facts about radio and audio

  • Effective audio will move from the background into the foreground
  • 89% of people in the UK listen to the radio during the week. (93% in America)
  • In developing countries, people will gather to listen to the radio to receive important information. For instance, crop sales, weather etc.
  • 20% of Americans have heard a podcast this week (1 in 5). 1 in 11 people in the UK had heard a podcast this week.
  • Radio is a simple medium that is cheap and easy to produce.
  • There are more radio stations now than there had ever been
  • Biggest mass medium there is

Interviewing Techniques 

  • Putting an audio file into a story gives added interest to the reader – brings quotes to life
  • Go out and get a face to face interview. A telephone interview puts an additional barrier in the way. People are more likely to open up to you in a face to face situation.
  • Most important pers