Statement of Intent – Chosen Idea

To approach the topic, ‘life of a person that inspires you in journalism context’, I have decided to examine the life of Malala  Yoursafzai. The reason why I chose to do Malala is because there is some much that I could include and talk about. For instance, books she has had published, documentaries and so much more.

I’ve spoken about my thoughts and ideas on why I would like to cover on Malala as a topic on an earlier blog post. She is really inspiring and has a lot that I can use to make an interactive story.

I will use open source digital storytelling software’s. This will allow me to create an audience friendly piece of work, which will give them a good experience.


Overview of First Sound Session

In my very first session with Steven, we were introduced to sound and what is expected of us by the end of the semester. We was given an overview of the assignment and what we are going to be doing over the other upcoming sessions. We were told that we had to create a pod cast that lasts around 8 minutes long. It must follow conventional codes and conventions of a professional pod cast. The pod cast will have a jingle, over view of content, a chosen subject of choice, interviews and sign off. As soon as we were told this information my creative juices started to flow I came up with three different possible topics that I could tackle but one stood out among the rest. We were asked to start putting ideas onto paper and start looking at existing podcasts that exist. This will help us to gain a much more in-depth understanding about the task given to us.