My Website Layout and Appearance

As a part of the task, we had to transform a blank canvas into something that showcase and represents ourselves. In each page of the website, I have followed a theme, portrayed myself in a way that was of a high standard. This is because people could see this and if it didn’t appear professional, I wouldn’t be taken seriously. I want to make myself stand out from others and make a clean, conventional and an online platform where I can showcase who I am, What I do and what I capable of doing.

My home page looks like: 

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 19.28.01.png

My Blog page looks like:

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 18.53.53

My About page looks like:

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 19.23.27

My contact page looks like: 

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 19.06.30

and my Gallery looks like:

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 19.30.42

In the images above it showcases, continuity in layout, fonts and colours. each page showcases different skills and information. There is hyperlinks that connect other pages to my website. i.e. Twitter page and navigation around the website. Also has titles and image, shapes and more.

In my opinion, i think my website has a very sophisticated look as it is not over crowded and is very minimalistic. The continuity in the layout and styles helps to give a clean and professional look. This is a working progress which i feel will change in time, I’m looking forward to see how it develops as i gain better knowledge and skills. Overall, I found the task pretty simple and enjoyable.

Comparison on The Guardian and Buzzfeed

At the end of a session we were set the task to compare ‘The Guardian and Buzzfeed’.

Firstly, at first glance I noticed that they both are very different in their approach to keep up and entice their audiences. The Guardian follows the key elements to writing a Headline by the use of kickers and key words that people search for, this means that they are really likely to be situated higher up in the search engine optimizer ranking. This also means that the webpage will be more likely to be viewed. I can understand why they follow the more direct approach as it is all about getting the content out there for people to view, giving factual and important data that they believe the audiences will either: want to know or will be important for people to know.

Buzzfeed doesn’t follow the basic rules that apply when they put their online content forward to be seen on the online platform. The headlines they put on the web content is more commonly seen in print journalism, they use jargon and puns. Not always involving key words that people would search for. This in my opinion is not the best way to get audience to view the content. This is more less audience friendly online as it will be less likely to get a high rank in the search engine making it harder to find. Buzzfeed uses the aids of social media/ networking to get recognition for content. I honestly believe this works to the buzzfeeds viewership and website as content is seen through the listicles side of journalism.

Secondly, I notice a difference in the writing styles, this means that the audience demographics will be aimed at different primary audiences. I believe that the audience for the Guardian is much more of the mid to older generation who are interested in the world and changes that are happening. To make sure I was correct I did some research the results backed up what I already believed the audience profile for the guardian was;

‘76% of Guardian Select UK Audience are Progressives, who are affluent forward-looking individuals, curious about the world and embrace change and technology’[1]

Buzzfeed is for a younger demographic in my opinion teenagers and young adults. This is because of the style of writing. It is a lot more fun and informal in both tone and language. I wanted to actually find out the audience profile so i did a bit of research to try and cement my beliefs. These were the results:

“BuzzFeed provides the most shareable breaking news, original reporting, entertainment, and video across the social web”{2}

Finally, although both the Guardian and Buzzfeed as so different in there approach to the online platform, i think that they both manage to get a high level of viewership. from research it is clear that 60% of people who access the data on Buzzfeed get it from the mobile layout, this seems to work really well for the company. This task was fun to do as it allows me first hand to see how making a website personalised to an audience demography can be important. i will think more about the style of writing and tones more when considering who my target audiences are.



Developing My Online Portfolio

To accompany my blog on WordPress, I was then required to create an online presence that will be considered my ‘Personal Foundation’ based website. I will be using and utilising the Wix online website builder, in order to help me develop and create my online platform. When I have finished creating my online presents it will act like a portal in which will evidence the work I undertake in the next 3 years.

Before I started to make my online presents I had to identify the ways I want to represent myself, what tones, colours, writing styles and so much more. To help me, I did some preparation work. These are the fundamentals I will use when developing my online presents.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 15.46.47

Once, I had picked Wix as a starting point I found a template in the Portfolio and CV section. To help me get started I had to make it personalised to me this meant that I had to change the preset titles, banner layout, image boxes, call buttons, below the fold and the additional information banner at the bottom of the page.

The template I used was this one below as i thought i could change this to make it a personal website:

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 14.23.41

As my Online Portfolio will be viewable by everyone and anyone, I need to make sure it is of the best quality, it reflects on me and MY PERSONALITY. Because of this it is essential for me to consider carefully the image I want to use. In order for me to fully meet the brief I must use appropriate conventions and techniques to write and present information and ideas in a form and style, which is suitable for specified audiences and purposes.

My portfolio site will evolve over the 3 years and I am expected to incorporate any new work and skills into it as you progress this means that the ways I present myself online will change and become of a much higher standard. This will help me to develop and create a good base to be graded on alongside with my WordPress blog. The mandatory elements that I must follow are the structure formats.

My site must consist of the following:

  • Home page
  • About you
  • Gallery of your work
  • Contact
  • Link to you blog

In the images below it shows my home page: (banner, below the fold and the additional information banner at the bottom)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is not complete however, it shows a start to my thought process.

In the banner at the top, I made sure that i had the right pages and navigation set up. Also changing the title to something much more appropriate and personal to me. I then changed the colour of the background and to the text. There will be a colour scheme running all the way through the website. these are blacks, whites and yellows. The reasons for this is that these colours symbolise my personality

black and white = Hull F.C Wheelchair rugby league in which is a big part of my life. Yellow/Gold= Stingers wheelchair basketball team in which i played for. This also represents success and what I want from life.

Below the fold in the home page, i changed the image from a random woman to a picture of me. I also changed the headline/ title. These probably won’t stay it was just to show that i can change something to make it more personalised to me. I also changed the call buttons and navigation to make it easier for my target audience, whilst try to give them a good experience. in the image below it shows how i changed it.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 15.12.22

In the addition information banner at the bottom of the page I made sure that the colour schemes match that of the banner at the top. i also personalised the information adding in my personal information to make it personal.  In the screenshots below it shows how i changed the size, colour and the information.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall, I believe that with time and practice i could develop my online presents and make changes that will help me develop my professionalism online. Over the next three years i do expect the website to change dramatically.