Reason behind my first story for the OOTS website 

The reason I chose to write about organ harvesting in the UK, is because we had a Q&A session with out client (Prof. Gary Craig) and one of the things what was asked led him to say: “Organ trafficking is one which a lot of people forget about or don’t realise it’s modern slavery, it is happening still to this day in the U.K..” 

Of the back of this I thought it would be a subject area that is taboo and not many people know much about, therefore as a journalist it gives me the opportunity to inform, educate and produce content. 

Plan for story

  1. Research subject area
  2. Pull out key facts 
  3. Put in FOI if needed 
  4. Draft piece 
  5. Make changes due to the feedback 
  6. Think about making it visual 
  7. Create or produce visual content 
  8. Interview relevant people and edit content 
  9. Put everything together as a finished package
  10. Submit 

Self Initiated Project- Introduction

For the self-initiated project, the task is to produce high-quality content which will be focused around ‘Modern Slavery’. The client we are liaising with is Professor Gary Craig.

Mr Craig is a professor of social justice and works at Hull University. He is a pioneer as he is the first professor of this kind. His work has helped to highlight and bring forth, what is happening in connection with modern slavery and human trafficking in the UK. He has written around 250 different publications, some which are research reports, journal articles and books.

I believe Prof Gary Craig is a really key and important client as the subject matter and the task is all around his specialities. This means we can pick his brain about the topic. Also finding out about upcoming events, making us able to keep up with what is happening.

As a group were developing a Modern Slavery website which will feature all the content, created through everyone’s self-initiated work.

THINKLINK – My First Attempt

If you click on the image white dots show up if you hover over there is text which explains how I created the infographic. This I will be submitting for the website and as a part of my own initiated project. There are many reasons why I chose the elements you see but that will be explained in the next post.

Thinklink is a fantastic open sourced app that allows individuals to create depth to an image and allows users to have a more immersive experience. This is because they can hover over the dots and find out more information. It is not just information, it can have sound bites and links out to other relevant websites.

Thinklink, in my opinion, is fantastic and will help me to add more dynamic to my work and hopefully make my work stand out more.