THINKLINK – My First Attempt

If you click on the image white dots show up if you hover over there is text which explains how I created the infographic. This I will be submitting for the website and as a part of my own initiated project. There are many reasons why I chose the elements you see but that will be explained in the next post.

Thinklink is a fantastic open sourced app that allows individuals to create depth to an image and allows users to have a more immersive experience. This is because they can hover over the dots and find out more information. It is not just information, it can have sound bites and links out to other relevant websites.

Thinklink, in my opinion, is fantastic and will help me to add more dynamic to my work and hopefully make my work stand out more.

Reflection on Online Immersive Websites Presentation

Online Immersive Websites

On the 27 April 2016 each person in the group was expected to produce a presentation on what they believe to be an immersive website. We had to conduct research to find 5 different websites in which fitted the task. Once all 5 websites were picked we then had to create a visual presentation and deliver a professional standard presentation. I believe that my presentation went extremely well on the day. I felt that I really understand what an immersive experience are now.

Researching I found interesting as you stubble across many weird and wonderful things. It was evident that some people used the same websites as others. For instance, in mine I used the Latvian Holocaust Mueseum and I think a few others did too. I personally don’t feel this was an issue as it must be affective and must showcase that it is a very engaging and immersive website. I wish looking back now, I picked some of the other websites I had seen when conducting research as people may not have come across them before.

I only used my presentation as a visual aid, there was only bullet points to back up what I was talking about. Lots of images where used within the presentation. I really took on board all the information gained in the previous sessions about how important it is to know your content, how to present well and how to create a PowerPoint slide which isn’t to heavy for the audience. This is my presentation. Click on the link if you want to see.

Immersive Online Experiences – Copy

The main thing that I feel stood out on my presentation was the fact I incorporated screen recordings. Each screen recording was done before the presentation. The screen recordings where of each website, I recorded myself moving around the screen, clicking and hovering over key parts of the website. This was done so that I didn’t have to rely on the hyperlinks and the internet connection to load each page. Especially, within the location we were in, is not a reliable space for internet connections and fast broadband. The screenshots allowed me to not have to jump in and out of the presentation, this allowed me to deliver a much smoother presentation with no hassle. There were limitations in doing this. It didn’t capture sound bites when on the website. The sound would have given the moving image more of an impact. This was not the end of the world because it allowed me as the presenter to talk and explain things without getting distracted. I didn’t feel that I needed a script or cue cards as I really planned out in my head what I wanted to say. I feel that it comes much more naturally when not using aids. As I had practiced I didn’t feel as nervous or anxious to do the presentation. Also it was a very fun task which made things easier.

I really enjoyed this task and the overall brief as it allowed me to full understand what immersive means. In the other section of the brief it really allowed us to use content we found interesting and produce an interactive and immersive online presents. This was really enjoyable and stimulating. I feel the research into immersive online websites really helped with this section of the task as it allows us to see first hand what has already been produced and what the most common elements to making an interactive website succeed and draw viewers in, whilst keeping them engaged with the content. Over the next few years I hope to carry on developing a creative flair to my work as it makes the work so much more alive. These skills learned will be evident in my work from now on because I have to consider, who and where I want my content to be seen. If it is done well then it will help me to become trusted and more well known.


Reflection on Emily Bell

Emily Bell is a significant influence in the journalism industry, she currently works at the Columbia Journalism School in New York City as the Director of the Tow Centre. She has had a very interesting and successful career over the years. Working for some of the most recognised media organisations around the world. From the Observer to the Guardian. Her career at the Guardian extremely successful and she spent two decades, writing and coming up with new platforms to what news could be used on. In 2000, she pioneered the and became editor-in-chief of Guardian Unlimited a year later. She developed multiple of different ways to reach audiences on a digital platform.

Open Journalism has evolved over the years and is becoming incredibly important. Emily Bell has done so much towards the developments, for instance:

  • Creation of a two-way relationship between readers and the media – This allows audiences to leave comments, get involved and be a part of the news (building rapport). This is as important in today’s society as the world is online driven. People spend so much time on their phones, laptops and many other pieces of technology. By having a two-way relationship help to give the audience a voice and give them an immersive experience.
  • Online storytelling techniques – websites, social media, blogs etc. navigation, colours, content all play an important part in the success of a storytelling website.

What is Long Form?

Long form is a more substantial way of writing, this method is generally seen when journalists are informing audiences and telling a story/account. Over the last few years in society, I have seen a shift in the ways in which we are given data. Long form is becoming much more prominent within the digital era we live in. the world is becoming more on a digital platform, in comparison to the decades prior where the print industry flourished.

I believe that long form is really useful, especially the younger generation as we have grown up using the online platforms. This is a technique that I may adopt when creating my own work online as it goes more into depth then the average article or piece of media seen online. This style of non fictional journalism can help to inform an audience about an important event, if I was to create a website using this method I would consider the ways of navigating vast amounts of information. This would help keep the viewers engaged and more likely to read the chosen data. This also gives the audience more options to follow the information is a linear or none linear way.

However, through the other sessions I have come to the understanding that people who use the internet method to gain information, tend to scan the page. So would this method have the required impact in comparison to how people read print? In my opinion Im not sure but I think its all about giving the audience a great online experience. So it maybe that you have to think of a more engaging way to use long form to keep the viewers happy.

Immersive experiences online

In a recent session with sally she asked that we all find 5 examples of immersive online internet sites that tell a story. After researching the internet i found a few that was of real interest.

  • I believe that the sports ESPN website gives the audience a real immersive experience. It has a great and easy navigation system and it is cleanly designed. Which also has the identifiable brand logo. it also has hover over buttons, so that the audience can see where they are on the page. In the below the fold part of the website it uses social media that has been embedded into the webpage. This is incredibly useful as social media is everywhere, most people nowadays use social media in some ways.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 21.27.42

  • The next immersive online experience i looked at was Zensorim This is a health and fitness website. i personally believe that the design is very simple but gives the viewers a good immersive experience as it is clean has navigation and screen changes. Small amounts of information on the home page is useful as people read differently on a website.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 21.57.00

  • Another immersive website was one in which we covered in the lasted session the firestorm – this uses a photojournalism and story way of telling the narrative. it is really effective for the audience as it is navigational. the audience can follow the story in a linear way or chose areas to look at. There is audio and videos that help to portray the devastation and damage the blaze caused. It is a clean and professional looking website and has a real human quality. Its very personal it makes you think that could have been my family.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 22.04.38