When starting this task, it was really unusual for me as i prefer boundaries, mandatory elements. Something to help me gain a grasp of what is required for structual reasons. As there were no boundaries, the task was wide open. I had multiple of ideas that I was contemplating however i decided that i was going to make a Promotional video for and about those who participate in disability sports. In my previous blog post shows my thought process.

Before, i can start to put my video together i have to conduct the correct research into the topic. This will allow me to gain a higher knowledge, this is crucial as it means i can further the data i provide in the video. To make sure that i cover as much different styles of research i created a “Research Plan”, through doing this it allows me to find exactly what is needed or may be of use. i will add to this as i go along in the project. If you follow the link it will show you my plan.

Research plan for promotional video production project 

Another, important part when having deadlines is to be organised and prepared. To make sure that this assignment will be ready on time, i created a production schedule. This identifies what the tasks are for each week leading up to the deadline. If the tasks are not complete then, i will be behind and not meet the deadline on time but by having a clear structure will allow me to utensil my time more efficient and well.  If you follow the link it will show you my production schedule.

Production schedule promo

I also created a proposal based on my idea, this clearly highlights the task, aims and objectives, the format and target audiences. This is a good document to have because if i was to present this i could give this the the viewers, instantly they will understand the video. This is also good when working with Live clients as they change there minds a lot and having this document means that they can highlight the mandatory elements. its sort of like a guide, contract. if i follow what is asked of me then i know i can’t go wrong. If you follow the link it will show you my proposal.

Proposal for promo vid

I still have to do the storyboard to map out what footage will go where. edit decision list to help show that i picked out the key bits within footage. recess and risk assessments of locations where filmed to make sure that i highlight any potential risks.

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