Background on Zoom H2N

For my assignment, I have chosen to use the Zoom H2N dictaphone for my sound. This is because earlier in the semester we were given a workshop where we all tried out different technologies that capture sound.

3 that we trailed out 

  • Edirol
  • Fostex
  • Zoom

I chose the Zoom as it definitely gave the best quality of sound when practicing and it is very portable and small. The Zoom H2 features a built-in W-XY stereo microphone with five mic capsules, allowing front cardioid (90°), rear cardioid (120°) and 360° polar patterns. The result is brilliant stereo recording with natural depth and accurate imaging. A 3.5mm headphone jack is provided for you to monitor the recording.The Zoom H2n features ‘Mid-Side recording’ – this combines a uni-directional Mid mic that captures sound directly in front of you and a bi-directional Side mic that captures sound from your left and right. By increasing or decreasing the level of the Side mic, you can control the width of the stereo field, which gives you incredible flexibility over your recordings. If you record in RAW mode, you can even adjust the stereo width after recording.


websites looked at

Space Utilisation in an Identity

When creating my own identity it is crucial that I have a better understanding on placement, spacing and utilisation of other identities. This will give me more of an insight on how I should structure my own branding. Spacing can be really important to a piece. Letter spacing is the amount of overall spacing of a word or even a bulk of text. Letter kerning focuses more on the spacing better two characters. If a letter is moved closer this causes negative space, which can make one character appear to be a different one. For instance: if I had to characters C and an L and changed the Kern then the letters can appear to be an A or a D. This could change the full meaning of a piece and makes an identity look unprofessional.

my kerning explination.jpg

My example

I did some research and here are some examples out there on the market. These prove how how important spacing and kerning are.


This is a shop in America. The Name of the shop isn’t made clear and could be Misinterpreted as Kid Sexchange or Kids Exchange.


This Image is from Grand Theft Auto. The click lovers could be Misinterpreted and could be read as Dick lovers. This changes the full meaning of the text.

If the letter is moved further away it creates positive space. This makes each letter readable for the audience. However, too much spacing can be bad for an identity. It can end up making a group of letters become individual.

I have learned that depending on the type of text and the spacing of each element is valuable. This can affect how the eye runs across the words and change the meaning of the data given.

Blank spacing has positive connotations of a much more professional piece. Newspaper tabloids like the New day have lots of negative space. This helps to make the content seem much more important.

If I take on board this research then I will produce a much more professional identity. It will make my typeface look much more appropriate and help to communicate the right meanings behind it.

Reflection on Creativity and Design


When it comes to creative flair it is clear to see that lots of people are naturally creative at a specific time of the day where they are most creative. For me I personally find I am the most focused and creative around the evening hours of 7 – onwards. Other individuals take longer to develop creative skills and need more time to enhance these skills. many people tend to keep a pen/paper/Dictaphone with you at all times so they can record ideas as they think of them or see something they think will help them later on.

Leaflets are a good example of what can spark inspiration or ideas for a design. Leaflets all have specific typefaces from there fonts, layout, colour scheme etc. every design we see over time doesn’t always stick in our brains so by following the three main skills to becoming a more organised and prepared designer will help us in later life. In the real world of work we could be asked to write, design, present on a topic that we know very little about and by keeping a record of things may help to influence the piece to success.

There are 3 stages to aiding creativity


Collecting things that are raw material can be useful and they are not always inspiration or ideas but maybe handy to take influence from the written styles, house styles like colour pallets etc. There are a number of sites that are really useful when keeping collections in one place. Pinterest, Google +, one drive are all great for collecting. You may think that things are useless but most things will be relevant at some point


  • Observing life – drawing or photographs/videos
  • Books
  • Magazine – keep up with what’s going on, look at all genres too – you might not always be working in the area you would like
  • Found typography – Appropriate fonts for the story, shop signs
  • Stuff off the internet – Pinterest, google+, Deviant Art, YouTube, Blogs, Be aware that a lot of things online are opinion and not facts, look at colour schemes
  • Freebies – Flyers that get handed out on a night out, look at design
  • Leaflet racks – content of leaflets – how have they been written, how is it marketed to their intended audience
  • Clothing Labels/Tags – some are nicely designed – makes you think about it if you have to untie it, extra detail – makes it seem higher end
  • Packaging – is sells based on designs and products but the packing can reflect the product.
  • Photos – even one that have gone wrong, photos using other objects
  • Doodles


Cataloguing can be extremely useful as it is a visual aid that allows you to see exactly what you have saved for an idea. Google+ is visual through images instead of just a list like the favourites list are. In favourites it just saves the link and doesn’t show what it is actually about, this means it will be harder to find something useful when needed.

There are many different ways to keep a catalogue, for instance;

  • Sketchbook/Notebook – keep it on you all the time
  • Binders
  • Box files – to put things in
  • IPhoto/Flickr – some have lots of info on them e.g. date etc.


When creating a product, piece of writing or whatever needed it is important that we work to deadlines.

However, if the creative juices just aren’t flowing then you could change the environment you are in. Possibly go out for fresh air or go to somewhere where you can focus more Peace and quiet maybe key. If you have a mental block then there is no point just spending hours and not getting anywhere then Go to bed get some rest. In the morning something may come to you.

Brainstorm and mind map is a good way to get ideas onto paper, once ideas are down then it is easier to make better choices. Ideas will develop and possibly merge.

The use of mood boards can work to our advantage.  The advantages of a mood board is that it narrows it down ideas, clients can make them if you ask. Mood board are how it makes you feel. Key when trying to make an emotion.

Style boards are also useful this can layout ideas on how something will look. For instance, Colour Pallet can be chosen from an image that gives the feel you would like to portray.

As a journalist it is imperative I take these three skills and put them into my own practice. This will help me become a much better designer and keep up with current styles, whilst putting my own spin on a topic. The skills will help save time as I will have things that will give me direction when struggling. Over the next few weeks I hope to develop my own catalogue.



Statement of Intent for CATS Comparison Essay

For my comparison essay, I have chosen to look more in-depth at Rageh Ommar and Ernie Pyle. Both of these journalists/correspondents reported on war. some of the key things I will be comparing and contrasting are:

  • Their work
  • Political Views
  • Influences
  • Reputations
  • House styles and Technology’s

I believe that both Plye and Ommar will be really interesting to analyse as they both have served a long and successful career. Working in a different era will help to showcase comparisons in how they did their reporting and job. Even though they have a lot of difference they also shared similar traits as well. These two war correspondents worked years apart, but the way in which news is reported has changed.

I will use key quotes to back up what I am saying. There are many things I can do in order to gain knowledge on the reporters. For instance using the library facilities, use books, the internet and any other sources if needed.

The essay will be 2000 words in total and will contribute 30% towards my overall marks for CATS. 10 %, either way, will still be appropriate for the work count.

Potential Newsworthy Stories

Before deciding on the topic I am going to do for this task. I brainstormed a few potential stories and who I may want to interview for each one.

Hull City of Culture 2017 

There is a lot of things happening on the build up to the city of culture 2017. This could be an idea as it is informative and very newsworthy for local broadcasts. If I was to do this then I would contact the council to do a sit down interview on what is currently happening and what the expectations are in the next few months. Also Vox pops make the story more humanised as it shows the emotion running through local’s minds. Footage could be of the renovations of the city, blue prints and expected outcomes. Work men on work sites around the city developing what will be a modernised and better design.

Independent shops and business struggles

This was an idea as the independent coffee shop in the town centre has closed down due to lack of business and competition from other big named branded shops. Only a few months after the coffee shop did an interview speaking about the success of the business, it goes complete out of business and shuts down. Interview would be with the owner of the independent cafe and competitors in the market. Vox pops would add public’s views on what their preferences are – whether there more inclined to use branded shop in comparison to independent stores. Why they have this opinion and what they would like to see more of in terms of shops/businesses.

New boxing club opening up

This will be a VT package on a boxing club that has just opened and what they hope to achieve. Interview will be of the coaches speaking about what the club brings to the community and why boxing. Footage will be of the kids training inside and outside of the ring. General views, close ups will be seen within the video. I believe this one will make the best edit as there is so much that I could do with it.

By having options I can make a decision based on everything, I will look at accessibility, impacts, target audiences, what people in the city want to know and which I think I could do the best job at.

Reflection – Interactive Storytelling Software’s

As a part of my current assignment it involves me putting some research to different online sources that can help to create interactive and immersive stories. Some of the different sites I’ve looked at are:


My first thoughts when first going onto the website were positive. The website looked really clean and of a high professional quality. The navigation was simple and easy to use, the navigation and the content makes it user friendly. However, all isn’t great to use the software it has an expensive price of £370. This website/software rated as a really good website to use and one of the best. Lots of professionals use this.

If I was to get the software I could get the special education Klynt Edition available at a much better rate, it would be a one off payment of £36. This is much more accessible for students who don’t have a lot of money. Before buying the software I have signed up to a free trial to see how I get on with it.

After having a bit of a practice on it, I personally thought it was hard, I watched tutorials from the website and this explained what to do in a fairly simple way.


To be honest when going on the Website I was less than impressed. To be honest I don’t feel this is the right interactive storytelling software for my project. It focuses on the video and photography sides of things to create a story. In order to use this software, you have to download it onto your computer which takes time and is not compatible with all models of computers. There was an issue when using my windows Toshiba laptop. It came up with an alert saying that the software wasn’t available. However when using my apple laptop I was able to download it. Once I had I didn’t think much of it and ruled it out to use for this task.


To be honest I was quite impressed with first look. It was easy to sign up to and fairly simple to navigate around. I found it very interesting what the software has to offer, on here you can create a variety of things that include long form, web documents, interactive videos and animated data. This software looks like it could be an option for my assignment however, feel that I would have to spend a fair few hours to get to grips with the software.

Interlude –

This software is limited as it focuses on creating interactive videos. This is not the storytelling software I want to use for my assignment.


This interactive storytelling software is really simple as you can merge the uses of text, music, videos and images. I do think that it is simple and the limitations to using it means that the professional standards are put at risk. This I would use for a much more informal style of work.

Twine –

“Twine is an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories.” I thought that the level of access was great you could download it, for both Mac and Pc or simply use it online. This was great for accessibility. However, I just didn’t understand the software at all it was confusing and there isn’t much guidance on how to use it. I don’t think I will be using this software for my project.

Line – timelines.

Personally I feel this software will be ideal for my assignment as it focuses on creating timelines. My project focuses on Malala and to truly understand her you have to understand her background and what’s happened in her life since.


Reflection on Don McCullin

As I was unable to attend the session as I had a hospital appointment, I was sent the PowerPoint presentation that was used in the session. In this PowerPoint it had links to YouTube videos. We all were expected to watch the links.

The documentary was really insightful as Don McCullin openly talks about the effects of his job role and from a personal level. He also explained the emotional challenges when having to photograph hard news. Some of the things he referred to was how it affected him emotionally and mentally. He knew full well that he would have to see some of the most tragic and upsetting scene in his line of work.

McCullin said  “photography for me is not looking, its feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.”

I did further research into Don McCullin’s and came across one of his books: Don McCullin (2003). When reading the book it set the scene about don McCullin and his home life then moved onto the different conflicts and wars. There were passages from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Beirut. I believe that McCullin when writing this book focused on the humanity aspect and throughout the majority of his work. In the book it showcased a large amounts of his photography work. The images I thought were quite disturbing and showcased the harsh reality of war. McCullin’s work is extraordinary as he was one of the first photojournalists to capture photographs the ways he did. His work draws viewers in and makes them connect with what’s going on in the image.

One of the images that caught my eye was;

don mcc


This image is so powerful, it really shows suffering and the mind-sets of the solider. This image to me shows the solider is dead behind the eyes. The emotions are very reserved, but at the same time showcase fear, sadness and so much more. I really like the negative space over the soldier’s right shoulder, it has a very faint outline of what looks to be a tank. It makes the danger seem incredibly close.


McCullin’s career began in 1959, he specialized in examining the dark side of society, from conflicts, poverty/ the third world countries and death. One of the most interesting facts I learned about him was that in 1968 when he was out doing his work, a gunman shot a bullet aiming for McCullin however, his Nikon camera stopped a bullet intended for him. He also has been awarded a number of awards for his photography.

I think by reading the content on the PowerPoint and conducting independent research on Don McCullin it is really humbling to hear and see some of the situations he was involved in. by listening to a professional it has opened my eyes. I don’t think me as a journalist would be able to cope with this line of work. I am too emotional and as I have a disability am at a disadvantage in this area.

War and conflicts are so important and it is cruel that there are people out there like McCullin, to capture and tell the events to viewers. Viewers will never really understand the enormity of the situation but images can speak millions of words. I truly am taken back by McCullin’s work as there is so much depth and skill. Most of McCullin’s work is in Black and White this helps to increase the level of depth. Grey scale makes viewers look at the whole image and not just the main focal point. A lot of the images feature people looking directly towards the camera, this increase the human quality and increase the emotion and connects with the viewer.


National Press

For this task I have chosen to take a look at The Times newspaper and looked at how it has change over the years using technology from its traditional form all the way to the present day mediums.

The Times newspaper had its first issue on January 1st 1785 but wasn’t always called The Times. The Newspaper started its journey under the alternative name of “The Daily Universal Register.  The newspaper started as a broadsheet which was sold daily for just (2½ p {2}) and had the main aim to publicize typography, shortly after the paper changed its name to The Times three years later, it then started to print more on commercial news and notices, along with some scandal.{1}


The Times newspaper started an online streaming of news, this was because times were changing and they wanted to move with the trends. This was so that they could keep a large viewership and branch out to new/similar audience.


On the 26th March 2010, the press reported in multiple papers such as the Guardian that the Times and The Sunday Times were going to start charging online viewers from June 2010.  The Times online subscription states the paywall will charge users £1 for a days access or £2 for a weeks access subscription. In the same piece of reading it stated that there was a loss of readers because of the new charges they have put into play.{4} The paper also followed the trends by having a social networking platform on Twitter and Facebook, this allows the public to follow, read, spread and communicate with the data. This is a very popular industry in todays society so it is right that the Times has taken full advantage.

Mrs Brooks stated in an early interview with BBC News correspondent “This is just the start. The Times and The Sunday Times are the first of our four titles in the UK to move to this new approach. We will continue to develop our digital products and to invest and innovate for our customers.{5}”

The Times also branched out by developing an app for iPhone which includes:

• Top stories,

• features and opinion updated 24 hours a day, seven days a week

• Comprehensive news and sport coverage,

• Award-winning columnists,

• cartoons and in-depth analysis,

• Video,

• a handy offline reading mode, this is good as you don’t require wifi connection,

• Customise your app to find your favorite sections fast,

• Save articles to read later on or when you are offline and a Choose your text size: you can adjust the size of the text to suit you.

TheTimesApp01.pngAll these features that the app offers helps them provide a platform that gives users an immersive experience. As a journalist student I have learned all about how it is an important and key aspect as its all about giving the audience an online experience that is retained, this will attract them to come back and will spread a positive.{6} I think a lot of people will appreciate the level of customization the app offers as people require different fonts and size of fonts, this will allow them to get the most out of the information given, because it makes it more readable.


Technology is proven to have a massive role in keeping up with the trends and times. By using technology it allows the newspaper industry to going into another world of digital. In todays society, most people are on there phones, laptops, watching TV  and on tablets {7}. On the 7th august 2014, the BBC published an article with studies that Ofcom had done and provided the statistics, in this article it stated the “Media overtakes sleeping, Over 50% of the average waking day is spent on media or communication activity – more than is spent on sleep

o 8hrs 41mins texting, talking, typing, gaming, listening or watching

o 8hrs 21mins sleeping”8

From my research it is clear to see that it is not the content that has changed, but how it gets created, distributed and accessed, it also means that the newspaper industry can move in to carry there message to the viewers. This also gives media producers the opportunities to get a new audience. I looked at the formula that newspaper companies (newsmedia) follow when looking at moving into the new trends

“Audience + Content + Platform: Placing Bets On the New Audience Development Formula”{9}

it is important to get this right,  if they don’t pick the correct  platform they can be missing the viewership. without viewership newspapers are not fulfilling there job, and may as well not create content.


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Screen shots of the Twitter and Facebook site where also used.


CATS – Milestone in History (BBC Radio Broadcasting)

In semester 1 we had a session based around the milestones in media and what we were required to do for the task. Each student had to pick an event in history that was a massive milestone in media and what impacts it had on journalism. Then had to produce a presentation of the chosen topic and present. To do this task huge amounts of research was required as the presentation had to be 10 minutes long.

For this task, I have decided that the topic I will focus on will be the BBC radio broadcasting milestone. This is because it had a massive impact on the media but in particular the effects it had on journalism.

I have conducted research to gain a better knowledge of the subject, underneath these are some of the weblink and sources used to gain information for the presentation

Also when it comes to presenting, I am not the best so as a contingency plan I will create cue cards which will be of help when presenting. key start points will be used to help me remember where I am at when presenting. Also a script will be produced so I can revise what I am going to say and try to retain the key information.

My cue cards – On the back will have key bullet points for discussions 

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 15.14.51

My script

Hi my name is Chelsea sparke and today I have chosen to talk about the BBC History in radio broadcasting. This is because I feel it has had a massive impact on society and how news is given to its audiences.

Firstly, there are so many different types of radio broadcasting, from commercial, to public, satellite and so many more.

What is radio broadcasting?

Radio broadcasting is a one-way wireless communication, over radio waves. This is deliberate done to reach a wide audience.  Informing them on topics and to give out latest information, like if any accidents have happened in the local area

Commercial broadcasting,

Commercial broadcasting is privately owned, this style of broadcasting uses advertising to fund there broadcasting operations for a profit. Commercial broadcasting on the other hand is TV funded by paid advertisements and contain advertisements during the TV or radio times.

Public broadcasting

Public broadcasting is TV, Radio, etc. funded by an official or governments, with No paid advertisements.

Satellite radio

Satellite radio is broadcast via a communications satellite that gives it a wider broadcast range. Satellite radio has a variety of broadcasting channels that air commercial-free music.

As we take a look at the background of the BBC radio broadcasting history we see massive developments and milestones which allowed radio to become what it is today.

In, 1922: 14 Nov: BBC start daily broadcasting on 2LO. The BBC was funded by radio set manufacturers.

And in 1967: On 30th September, BBC radio reorganisation launched Radio 1,2,3 and 4. Next came 1973: Birth of commercial radio

1988: Radio 1 launched on FM
1988: First commercial station ‘splits‘ frequencies (broadcasting different stations on FM and AM

1992: Launch of RAJAR, a body jointly funded by commercial radio and the BBC, giving industry-approved listening figures for all subscribing UK radio services

The BBC is funded by the publics who have TV licenses, the BBC uses the income of the licence fees to pay for its TV, Radio and online services. Also includes the additional costs, which include; digital imagery, investments in new technology, running costs and the collection of the licence fees.

Each household pay a average annual cost of a colour television licence = £145.50. However for a black and white television it is cheaper as annually it is about £49

  • Per month each household pay around £2.08 on the different radio stations-
    • This include BBC radio 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 BBC local radio

Political and social impacts

Defamation of character

Broke Laws

Social issues that have been issues in radio representation of gender, age, ethics, copy right infringements, taste indecency

Example – In radio there have been lots of instances were taste indecency has occurred :-

On BBC Radio 2 there was a very serious intendant that took place on Saturday 18th October. A series of voice messages was left by comedians, Russell Brand and and TV presenter Jonathan Ross, on the episode, Brand and Ross called Andrew Sachs as a guest to interview on-air, when he failed to answer the phone, they are heard leaving a series of lewd messages on his answering machine, including comments about Brand’s relationship with Sachs’s granddaughter, Georgina Baillie

Because of this they were sacked and was taken off air. Only recently been allowed back.

Another example Case Study (Australian radio DJ’s) prank call to hospital Kate Middleton was staying in.

The Australian radio DJ who made the prank call to the London hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge was being treated during her pregnancy has resigned. There were two radio Dj’s involved one pretending to be the queen and the other pretending to be prince Charles. The nurse that took the

Mel Greig accused radio station Southern Cross Austereo of failing to maintain a safe workplace, as the international furore that followed the royal hoax saw her vilified in media across the globe

Regulatory bodies – Ofcom, ASA

Radio broadcasters where took of air

Show video

Radio 1

  • The remit of radio 1 is to entertain and engage a broad range of young listeners with a distinctive mix of contemporary music and speech. The demographic it has is 15-29 year olds. However they provide some programming for the younger minds (teenagers). They state they offer a range of new current music, supporting emerging artists. They are more prone to broadcast and help publicise those from the UK.

Radio 2

  • The remit of Radio 2 is to be a speech service also having mixtures of music aired, this has a broad demographic audience, appealing to all age groups over 35. this radio station states that it should be entertaining popular music programmes and speech-based content including news, current affairs, documentaries, religion, arts, comedy, readings and social action output.

Radio 3

  • The remit of Radio 3 is to offer cultural programming and a mixture of different styles of music this is done to engage and entertain its audience. Around its core proposition of classical music, its speech-based programming should inform and educate the audience about music and culture. Jazz, world music, drama, the arts and ideas and religious programming should feature in its output. The service should appeal to listeners of any age seeking to expand their cultural horizons through engagement with the world of music and the arts.

Radio 4

  • The remit of Radio 4 is to be a mixed speech service, offering in-depth news and current affairs and a wide range of other speech output including drama, readings, comedy, factual and magazine programmes. the package should appeal to listeners seeking intelligent programmes in many genres which inform, educate and entertain.

Final I thought this was a good topic to choose as, many things have changed over the years and it has influenced how society gets the data and to what has caused problems for the broadcasting industry.

Thank you for listening


Evaluation – Research into Photographers

When I was developing my idea, for the genre of photography I was going to adopt for my project, I conducted market research to help me identify what I like and dislike about the genre and what types of different images are already out on the market.

As, I am focusing my project around sports, I thought that it was only right  to look at the different sports photographers and there work. This will help me to understand what common compositional techniques that are used with in the sports genre.

The first photographer I looked at was

Ernst Haas

From looking at his website it is clear to see that, Haas follows multiple of genres of photography. The genre I was most interested in was the motions images. This is because he uses the shutter speed settings to help create blur. This style is what i will employ in some of my own images. This style will help me to capture the sports taking place, also allowing the audience to see a different side of what sports can do. The blur can make or break an image. if there is to much then the image will become unidentifiable  to the audience so will not have the desired effect. I will play around with the shutter speed settings to see how far i should push it.


In the image above, it is a bull fight that is identified through blur in image. This image personally is really effective as it showcase the intensity and the fast movement of both the bull and the guy. This image is still identifiable to the human eye, if the camera lens was open much longer then i feel the image would be to over exposed and not recognisable. By looking at Haas work, it has given me a idea of how i can incorporate the techniques I’ve seen in his work like the rule of thirds, depth of field and many more.

I also looked at other photographers like Christopher Martin and Mariano kamp. these use the techniques that i was trying to emulate when doing my project. which are motion blur and freeze frame photography.