Basic Typography on Adobe Illustrator

In todays session we were given the assignment brief for this part of the course. This highlight what the project and things we have to do to make sure that we pass. Making the work to a high standard.

After discussing the assignment brief ‘David’ moved the session onto typography, this is seen everywhere, it helps the audience to identify and familiarise themselves with specific language, branding and visuals. By having typography, it helps companies to sell products as it convinces the audience to buy into the brand visually and ascetically. Typography is much more complex and complicated in comparison to signs and symbols. Within this session we had a tutorial on the different ways to used simple typography in illustrator. These are some of the simple ways to add design to the ways text sits within a document and what can be done.type practice original text with strokeThis image showcases my knowledge on how to insert a simple text box and typing my name. also that I can change the colour of the text and add a different coloured stroke to the lettering. This is useful to know as I will have to use the text box tool a lot when designing things.

type practice, ungroup letters and mainuplate pointsI did the same things as the first image, however with this one, I then highlighted all the text right clicked and ungrouped. This meant that I could move each letter around individually. It also meant that I could play around with other tools, to change the appearance. This can look unprofessional so I would be careful to keep my designs simple but yet creative. my designs have to be audience appropriate.

type practice blending background into text

In the image above, it shows an image/ pattern through the lettering this was a very simple process. Basically, i got an image and created a text box and typed my name. i then placed the word above my image and highlighted both then right clicked and pressed make clipping mask

type practice 3D

This is a 3D perspective of my name, it still has a fill colour and a stroke colour. To do this i went to the 3D settings and manipulated the angle in which we see the letters from. This In my opinion can be useful but only for specific audiences and platforms. This would work as well on a more professional basis. Out of all the tutorial this was my favourite one to change as  it isn’t that complicated and there is so many options on how much or little i could change it too.

type practice adding text to a shapetype practice manipulating text into a shape from own designtype practice adding text to a normal box

This image highlights that I learned how to fill a basic shape with text this can be a very effective way to make boring text into that more digestible. This also might help to pull out important information in a design. By having this knowledge if need be I could use this technique within my own work. This can help to change the appearance of a lot of text. This also shows that i can create a shape and get text to mould to the desired shape. This is a useful thing to know as i can use this to my advantage if i wanted to text wrap around an image or another infographic.

Just from this session I realise the importance of typography and how it can help to sell a product, service or person. There are so many different ways to create attractive and high quality typographic’s. i actually feel like this could be fun to learn and develop my creative skills to produce my own work.

reflection – Storify

I was absent due to ill health however, i went to see the tutor to find out exactly what i needed to do for this task. I was asked to sign up to ‘Storify’.

In my opinion, Storify is a great platform for journalists as it gives them the ability to gather information on a specific subject. This is through having the means to look at all different online platforms like websites and social media. social media is incredibly useful as people write thoughts, ideologies and random things. Storify is a useful tool for me as a practitioner as it is simple, and a positive flexible way to visualise data. This link sends you to multiple amounts of information gathered about the new James Bond film ‘Spectre” this helps to create newsworthy stories as it gives opinions about the cast, film and the overall success. it also tells the audience more about the film and makes them come up with there own opinions. This way of processing data may help to promote and sell a brand.


Advertising is an incredibly important platform in which helps to provide viewers and potential customers with a visual aid about a product or brand. It is also a technique used as it can be aimed at all different age demographics. This helps to make a product feel more personal giving it more sell appeal. Advertising in my opinion can be a great thing for companies and traders as it can help them to gain all different kinds of things. For instance, it can helps increasing sales, helps to learn about other competitors, of the same path style. “Advertising helps making people aware of the new product so that the consumers come and try the product. Advertising helps creating goodwill for the company and gains customer loyalty after reaching a mature age.”[1]

There are also many downsides to advertising and designs as it is a lot more judgmental and critical currently in todays society. It can undermine the human qualities that are seen in the real world. For instance, not all people are slim built. Also modern society has the ability to manipulate and change things, like looks, face shapes, colours and the tones for an advertising campaign. In software’s such as Photoshop, illustrator, Premier pro, Sony Vegas etc. The software’s used to help manipulate a scene, person and much more can be immoral in my opinion as they change the ways things appear and look, taking away human qualities and truth. For instance, in a lot of fragrance or skin care advertisement’s they use hyper real humans, this means they change features to make them look better. In my opinion, it shouldn’t play as much importance as it misleads viewers. Truth in a provider is very essential as they should be giving you the correct facts and not just making something appear amazing. When developing my own designs and advertising I always try to not mislead people to much as I want to gain their interest and trust properly.

Another negative thing advertising does it put really small writing somewhere within the framing and if they don’t have the best quantitative information from a trial, they will simply just make the font colour a similar shade to the background so that the viewers are more unlikely to read the negatives. This in my opinion is morally wrong as it doesn’t make it clear to the viewer that it has negative reviews, it misleads people and can give them high hopes of a product and will be left feeling underwhelmed by the actual product. I personally find this frustrating as you believe that the traders would be honest and upfront, but to them its about the sales.

From looking at multiple advertisement’s and designs I do believe that they use things that have an emotional impact on the viewers, like who they want to be, what they want to look like, inspirational people ie celebrity endorsements. I personally think that advertising should have more reality and not try and manipulate people. This can make people feel like misfits as what they see it amazingly beautiful, slim and desirable. I think they should try and avoid making people feel this way.


Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

As missed a few sessions for Creative Features – design, I had to catch up. I caught up with the tutor he said to have a go at using illustrator. Straight away when opening the software, I noticed that the layout and navigation appears to be the same as ‘Adobe Photoshop’. This was a good thing for me as I have used Photoshop many times so understand the software to some degree. All the tools and pallets were in the exact place within the software. I did wonder why there was two software’s nearly identical to each other, however from speaking to the tutor, I gained more of an insight into the difference between Photoshop and Illustrator. Illustrator uses a vector system in which is a more mathematical way in using plots in different places (co-ordinates) to map out the image. Like a formula because of this it means that the image can be enlarged and swapped about without the image losing resolution. This is important, as it will not look pixelated and not to that high professional standard. This system and software is measured in (PPI) which means pixels per inch. Photoshop is different in the sense that it is a raster-based programme, this means it is measured in dots per inch (DPI). This means that it works on colour and in some circumstances it will be pixelated if needed to resize.

By having ago at using the software, I learned how to set up documents based on the specifications required for each individual project. For print, I noticed that there is a bleed area, this is space out side of the document, when printing it makes the edges smoother when cuts are made and gives it a more professional quality. The same thing is used in other software’s like InDesign. When I have used InDesign in the passed I set the bleed lines to around 5mm, I presume this would be similar on Illustrator.  From talking to the tutor I gained valuable information, that illustrator was first created to allow people to trace things. Also that it is similar to Photoshop in the sense that layers of detail can build up an overall project file that you can be happy with. As I have had more time on Photoshop, I find that it is easier to navigate my way around but with time and practice I believe I could be quite good on the software.  To show my understanding, of the software I recreated the logo that was used in my TV studio project for Estuary TV. This was originally designed by the people who was on the productions team.  This ‘Positive Outlook’ brand was designed for the programme and concept I came up with, to pitch to Estuary TV. The original brand logo was not as good as this one. This was the one I put forward.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 20.26.11

Some of the key tools that I used was the ‘Black pointer’ tool this allowed me to scale, move and turn things around to the rotation that was best suited. This tool is very similar to that on InDesign, along with the white pointer tool which is used more to change paths, points and the angle that things run. There were other tools that I found I recognized which was the pen tool and flares. The pen tool can be useful when creating outlines and shapes. This tool is a bit more complicated and takes some time to get to grips with.

As a practitioner of media and journalism, it is incredibly important to have skills to allow me to create graphics, brands and logos. Not only for myself but for client’s. This software will allow me to do this to a high professional quality.

Reflection – Website Creation Research

In a recent session we were asked to do some research into the different websites we could use to create our very own website. We were all as a group given the task to sign up to some of the popular websites. These include: Wix, Moonfruit, Weebley and Square space. The process was not difficult as I just needed to find a website which would be the best for me. For instance, had to be simply nothing to complicated, free and had to be a good platform for my online portfolio. It definitely makes a massive difference to how you express and showcase yourself online and picking a good quality platform to build it on will have a massive impact on my overall professional appearance.

On the website I chose will have my portfolio on which allows me to make a statement about myself, my inspirations and aspirations. I have an opportunity to define myself as a brand, creating a visual identity in which will be identifiable to what I am about and to what my chosen topics for thoughts will be and finally will define a specific target audience I want to capture.

In order for my website to be successful and have structure, my website should have the following pages:

  1. Home page
  2. Blog links
  3. Gallery
  4. An About Page
  5. Contact

When I created an account on Wix I found that it was simple and the interactive elements was easy to navigate around. This website is a free platform for users to start branding themselves and to create content, I find that it will be the best on to use as it looks simple and easy enough for a beginner like myself. When I login I found that I could pick a template quickly with no hassle and think it will be a good place to start off my first website. In the image below it shows, how i have used the tools to mock up a quick sample. I used all actuality image and manipulated them in Photoshop, then embedded them onto the website. I also change text, colours, size, fonts and much more.

Photo source: Screen Shot of own work

After I signed up to Wix I then went onto other websites such as Moonfruit, Weebly and Sqaure Space. I found these a lot more complex and not of my interest to use. I found them complicated even to do the basic of things and harder to navigate and change what was needed. Also it took me a lot longer to find out how to do things and the templates weren’t what I was requiring. On some of these websites a lot of things were not free meaning it could be quite costly in time, this put me off as they were harder to use and cost.

If I wasn’t going to use Wix then my second option would be to use Moonfruit as it was not to my taste when originally starting out, however i think if i had more time to learn the ways around the website it then wouldn’t be so bad.

Visual Aids/ Info-graph

In the latest session with John, we discussed the importance of Visual aids to help give out data as the human mind gets turned away if there’s just loads of writing on a page. We talked about infographics. Then we were set the task of finding at least three and explain if they work well, how relevant they are and if we like or dislike it for any specific reason. In my understanding infographics, they speak louder than words, in the representation of graphs, charts and images. The ways in which you represent data is really important. It will either have an affect on the audience or they just wont take notice. Data is powerful and needs to be short, snappy, bold and should stand off the page/paper.

I was looking online at articles that used infographics and I came across an article on How to Use Your Character Strengths to Improve Your Life on the The Huffington Post. It was written by Rebecca Scholl, Who is the Healthy Living Intern.  Within the article infographics are used through pictures, statistics. This is an example of the data that has been displayed.

Another infographic i looked at was an important daily infographic that is seen by a large proportion of the population. The weather forecast. in this image below it shows the expected weather for the next week, this info graphic displays the data very well as it shows exactly were, and which regions are going to be affected the best and worst by the upcoming weather. This gives out information in a very visual ways. I personally like to see this infographic as it is really identifiable, i know what I’m looking at and it gives me an insight into what is predicted for the next few day. It uses simple images, a graph and gives out useful information at the same time. for instance, wind, temperature, humidity and precipitation.

finally the last one i looked at was an interactive infographic. Brian Solis designed a visual depiction of the Twitter ecosystem, the Twitterverse, this was to help people learn and discover more about all the tools available on twitter. This shows so much information that people may be interested in learning around. it makes it fun and more engaging for viewers to see. Without the data being portrayed like this, people would probably not have taken an interest in the information.

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 23.20.45Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 23.17.05

Ethical debate about Photoshop

I strongly believe that a “real photograph” is an image captured at that specific moment of time and that any sort of alterations and enhancements made later could be seen as lying or cheating. This is because the manipulation could be used to persuade people into buying into a product/brand and could make people feel worse about their appearance, because what they see they believe to be real. In fact, if an image is manipulated it is no more real or natural. I think that being able to manipulate images through software’s is very clever and useful. However, morally I feel like it should be used for good like getting rid of the odd spot and change the colours slightly if needed. Not to make a hyper real representation of a human being.

I would personally like to work within a different field of the Creative Journalism and media Sector. However, If I was offered a job to work with Photoshop then I would take the job but put some of my ethical and moral opinions aside as it is well paid and is a big part of modern day industries within the Publications and Prints.  I isn’t to say that I would put all the moral and ethical opinions that I have well away I would always try to keep the integrity of the image. In todays society jobs are hard to come by, so Yes I would take a job working with photoshop.

Photoshop – Manipulating an Image

In todays session of Creative Futures, Graphic design – we had a group tutorial and workshop session using Photoshop. Today was about having an attempted to manipulate an image of someone’s face, to improve and get rid of unwanted spots, blemishes and imperfections. All the group received the same image sourced from the internet of a woman’s face. She had bad acne and imperfections.

I learned today that after you import the image sourced from the web you had to change the DPI from 72dpi to a higher Dpi of 300. This meant that the format of the image changes and if need be would allow the image to be blown up to billboard sizes. Also I learned that before I could actually start editing the image I had to click on the image drop down bar, go onto mode and change it to CYMK. As this is generally used for Print. This is crucial that you change the settings to match the project and format required, as it makes the outcome of the image different. If I was to leave the changes to the dpi, then I might require to have it in a large format so stretching it would cause issues like pixilation.

After this we did things like duplication and spot healing on the skin. A major filter used when changing features on the face in the liquefy tool this allows us to use things like the bloat, pucker and forward warp tools. Each tool has different effects on the image. These are so important when trying to create a perfect `hyper real representation of a human being’. Also we changed things like the colour saturation and balance. As well as using tools like burn, dodge and sponge. To help create light and shade in the image.

As a group we managed to be at the stage where we are ready to start airbrush and bring back some human like tones. These are the before and after I made the changes to the image.

Advertising Campaigns with a Strong Visual Message

Within the recent session we were asked to research different advertisements. I will explore; the different purposes, audiences, theme (story), and what is the USP of this product or service (if any?), There are different techniques used by advertisers to persuade audiences into buying into what there talking about. Also they have ways of targeting their audiences. In the session as a group we looked at the lloyds bank 250 years advertisement. we discussed the story behind it, who it was aimed at and how it made us feel. Personally i find the advert to be aspiring as it tells a story of history. The song used within the advertisement made it more personal, pulled at the heartstrings. It made me think of growing up and the people who put there lives on the line for there country. Advertising is incredibly important for any company as it is there brand and there image that is out there for people to judge. If an advertisement is great then people will remember it and are more likely to buy into the theme of the advert.

Different purposes of Advertising

When advertisers make and publish a specific advertisement to their target audience they have to take into account their main purposes of advertising a specific topic. There are three main purposes of advertising these consist of, selling a product and service, making people aware of new and current brands and to make people aware of any situations or issues.  ‘Halfords’ is the brand that the audiences are buying into. Halfords specialising selling products like bikes tools, camping equipment, car parts (maintenance parts).Selling a product includes adverts, such as, the Halfords Christmas offers, the co-operative and clone which sell their clone. Advertisements that sell a service are adverts such as; Rapid Solicitors which sell a service for getting compensation for people who have been involved in an accident that wasn’t their fault. Charity adverts are used to try and raise awareness and also get people to buy in to the charity by giving so much money a week or month. I have chosen to write about 3 advertisements they consist of; the Halfords Christmas cycling offers advert, apple Sourz advert, David Beckham Classic fragrance advert.

Halfords Christmas Cycling Offers Advertisement

The Halfords Christmas advert is an advert that injects the Christmas spirit into society as the aim of this specific advert is to give exceptional offers on products that people would want for Christmas. Halfords Christmas advert has been on television screens since 2001 but however, they change them every year to give them a more current appeal and to show what offers are out now for Christmas, they start coming back on television screens around late October the start of November each year. This in my opinion makes this specific advert nostalgic as it makes you think of the past and the older adverts that Halfords have made.

Having been on television screens this long to me it makes me think of the Christmas times and gives me a sense of happiness, this reminds me of spending time with family and enjoying the Christmas period and the presents that come along side this. This is a big tradition as people in today’s society say that once the Christmas adverts start come on television, then that creates reactions from them to get festive and to start their Christmas shopping. Over the years Halfords has encouraged and exposed their company and products more, this has increased the amount of revenue and profit they make each year. More and more people are using Halfords as it is a tried and tested provider which sells excellent products

The purpose of the Halfords Christmas advert is to sell their products at really competitive prices, this show cases their value for money and shows they really do care as they are dropping prices. It also is done to sell the brand image and to get the name well known by the audience this is how they make money. Halfords stands for high end product at affordable competitive prices with some products for the higher end clients. A family business that encourages families to come together. This advert is memorable and makes you think of family.

This is also being shown in the way it is to promote things, such as, bikes, camping equipment, car maintenance parts ECT, for adults to buy for their children for Christmas. However by putting it on television before the watershed this allows there to be this ‘nag’ factor and possible pester power from children who uses this to try and get their family member and parents to buy the product there chid wants. This is a clever tactic used this is done so that the company gains more revenue and gets rid of their stock. This also helps the company to extend their branches because they know people will buy.

The advert starts off with the company’s titles and voice over that states ‘for gifts that give all year around don’t miss the special offers’ this is a type of command which gives orders to it audience ‘don’t miss out’ this can make people feel almost guilty if they don’t buy it when the prices are low. It also gives the sense of if you don’t you must not love your children enough. Throughout they use cartoon drawings of children and Santa Clause. This has specifically been done like this as children are stereotypically the ones Christmas is aimed at as they are the ones that have that naivety about them at Christmas time and they are generally the ones that get the most excited about Christmas. Again, through the uses of voice over this adds more additional information which may persuade people to buy their products as, they state that ‘you can reserve their dream bike with a small deposit, and we will keep it till Christmas Eve’ this entices them to go for the deal.

In the advert the voice over has been done by a male, this to me is relevant to the advert as it seem like it is playing a part, for example voice of god this could be Santa Clause talking. As well as the voice over there is additional information  on screen that tells the audience how many  different stores are charging more for the same or similar products (higher prices for kids bikes charged in 55 stores) this makes the audience aware of the situation and ensure that this store is the best to buy from. This also tells the audience the cut off point to the special Christmas offer (this will end on 28th January 2014.

The colour schemes used are extremely relevant as they are whites, reds, greens and these are associated with Christmas. Repetition is used each year with this advert as the colour schemes always consist of the colours you associate Christmas with. These are red, greens and whites alongside with elements of other colours as well but predominantly these main colours. Also each year they come up with special offers they can give to their target audience. This is a problem solution for many parents whom may be on a budget and also benefits those who can’t store the items on the upcoming period to Christmas, these ties in with the compassion shown from the company to help satisfy and benefit the needs of their target audiences. There are elements of surrealisms that is commonly associated with Christmas as it shows family members flying above houses with Father Christmas.

The target audience for this advert are men and women aged from mid-20’s and upwards because it is targeted at individuals who have disposable income in order to buy these type of products that Halfords have to offer as already mentioned above. Also for those who have a family. The target audience is as big as in today’s society young adults are having children at a younger age; this means that they have to get presents for them. Also women are the most targeted as they are generally the main sex that does the shopping. This is a really stereotypical view because in today’s generation it is getting more neutralised and balanced by the amount of men that are doing more shopping.

However, the males could also be a target as some of the products on offer may be more suited to them and the male role within providing and taking a more family orientated approach in today’s society. This also is targeted at children so that the nag factor can make the company more money. This advert targets a wide range of people on the Socio-economic scale because they have differing prices, some products to suite people with low income and higher prices products for people with more money.

Psychographics have been used when creating this advert as it looks into the needs of what the individual need and desire to have. This is vital as the Maslow’s hierarchy shows the need that a person needs and desires in life. This helps the companies create products that are relevant for the target audiences, this helps the companies make money because the products are easily sold and the target audience are than satisfied and happy with the products as the products have been made to suit them.

The Apple Sourz Advertisement, This is Our Shot

The Apple Sourz advert, this is our shot which was created by Ben Craig. This advert is aimed at promoting and enticing people to buy the alcoholic beverage. Sourz is a shot that should be enjoyed but drunk responsibly.  It isdescribed as “embodying the YOLO and FOMO beliefs of the target consumer” the advert is a 30-second television advert that follows an epic night out in which shots of Sourz play a central role.

The purpose of this specific advertisement is to make people buy the Sourz products, showing that it can bring people together and showing people that they can have fun when drinking this product. This advertisement is also made so that people can be aware of the different and new flavours. The brand image is Sourz the products are the alcoholic beverage that are made in the image of Sourz this is what sells.

The brand image for the Sourz alcoholic beverage is very vibrant each flavour has its own colour. You see that one of its main selling points is done through the branding and labeling. You see through the advert that this is a main factor; this is interesting as it jumps out at the audience and makes you want to buy the product. The brand is very stylish, popular with its target audience this helps when trying to sell the product. The unique selling point of this product is the range of flavors they offer and also the brightness and boldness of the colours used when branding this is portrayed within the advertisement.

This advertising styles of the Sourz advert, is very intense and dramatic; the none diegetic music used throughout the advert enforces this as it is very upbeat and has a fast pace speeding from one place to another. The sirens in which are used in the advert, helps to create a sense of impulse and creates excitement. However, this could be perceived as a warning that you should drink responsible but have fun at the same time. Also the setting of the advert changes throughout which increases the intensity and drama, this builds and builds as the advert goes along. The uses of none diegetic time and space is used to create a 30 second advert, which zooms through a city and night clubs. The transition from one piece of footage is seamless as it flows from one piece to the next creating one large sequence.

The advert is a part of a series as the company is planning to bring another advertisement out that links in with this one. The strap line one this advert is ‘This is Our …….’ it basically says that everything is ours and we should make the most of it while we can, so we should enjoy ourselves and buy Sourz cause this will make everything fun.

The target audience is mainly aimed at young adults aged between 18 and 30. This is because these are the main age group that goes out partying and socialising at nightclubs and pubs. This is also because these are the ones that will most likely to enjoy and drink this product. There is a large probability that the target audience will consist of mainstreamers. This is because this is a tried tested product in more than one country so people believe that this is a more reliable and popular product. The socio economic grouping used to help decide its target audience is at people who are old enough to drink alcohol and those how like to party. Mainstreamer would love this product as this has been tried and tested in many different countries over many years.

David Beckham Classic Fragrance Advertisement

The purpose of the David Beckham classic advert is to promote and sell his latest fragrance. In his own words “my new fragrance, classic, is an expression of my style …, modern, elegant, masculine.  This product is to promote him, he is the brand. People buy in to this as individuals aspire to be him or like him in some shape or form.

This advertisement works amazingly as well as it features himself throughout, this is celebrity endorsement, this helps when promoting and selling products because everyone wants to be just like them. As their popular, well liked, and sometimes extremely good looking. Viewers and people who buy the product want to emulate David. I know I certainly do!

In the media there are more adverts, which have a Sex appeal to them. This works in this specific advertisement as sex sells a product. This captures the attention of the viewer. Women certainly love this as they get to dream about their dream husband. You get to see David Beckham’s body, seeing his flesh is very appealing and great to look at. In adverts they generally use really attractive men or women this is to make people think that they can become more attractive if they buy a product. The David Beckham Classic advert plays to the Marlow’s hierarchy theory as this tells the producer and advertisers what they need to do in order to fit it around the chosen target group, this hierarchy tells them the needs of the audience so that they can manipulate these needs to sell and publicise a product.

The advertising styles in this specific advert, alongside the celebrity endorsement and sex appeal the music used is like a pulse this helps with the sex appeal. This also gives the advert a whole different dimension. The intensity experienced throughout the advert cause people to lock on to the television screen and keep watching. The black and white grey scale gives the audience a sense of importance, vintage and experienced and very masculine. This product of David Beckham’s is not the first one he has brought out he has two other fragrances. One in which he brought out with his wife Victoria Beckham.

The target audience for the classic fragrance is males aged 18 and over, this is because they would want to aspire to be like David Beckham and smell great. This makes an individual feel worth a million dollars because they have a brand by the best footballer in history. This is also because you would have to have a bit of money as the product cost a bit as it is a celebrity labelled item.