Self Initiated Project- Introduction

For the self-initiated project, the task is to produce high-quality content which will be focused around ‘Modern Slavery’. The client we are liaising with is Professor Gary Craig.

Mr Craig is a professor of social justice and works at Hull University. He is a pioneer as he is the first professor of this kind. His work has helped to highlight and bring forth, what is happening in connection with modern slavery and human trafficking in the UK. He has written around 250 different publications, some which are research reports, journal articles and books.

I believe Prof Gary Craig is a really key and important client as the subject matter and the task is all around his specialities. This means we can pick his brain about the topic. Also finding out about upcoming events, making us able to keep up with what is happening.

As a group were developing a Modern Slavery website which will feature all the content, created through everyone’s self-initiated work.

Reflection on Mobile Journalism 

Think 6 ps

  • Purpose – What is the story, what is it I want to produce?
  • Plan – who to interview what multi media do I need to use. Equipment needed. Wifi and editing tools apps in the field.
  • Production – what apps need to be used.
  • Publishing – Make sure wifi is available.
  • Cross posting – what apps can you duplicate the content over. Getting the news spread
  • Position – Maps or geo- tagging could it be useful to project.

To me as a Journalist this is incredibly important to remember as this will help to ensure that I am getting the news out sufficiently, at a fast speed and over many different pieces of multi media. This means the news can be seen or heard by the audience.

Key facts

  • Make sure when filming your phone is horizontal (home button should be on the right hand side) This is because a TV screen is this way. People don’t view things up and down but across. This also helps to capture a wide view of the scene.
  • Make sure the phone is fully charged and any other equipment. Loss of power means the news can’t be published or captured.
  • lens can capture dust and get things on so make sure the lens is cleaned.
  • Notifications can be a pain and disrupt filming so put it on areoplane mode.