Reflection on Brief for semester 2

Within this new assignment, I am required to design a document that celebrates and promotes a piece of writing that has been influential within any field of Journalism. This task allows me to be creative and choose a topic of my choice. The content of my document will be used to create typography elements, and generate graphics. Once I have chosen the topic I will have to contextualise the piece of writing and present information surrounding the events that led to the writing itself.

I will be using InDesign in order to produce the document. I am as happy about this as it has so many different features available, and I have also used the software before. In order to refresh my mind on the software, I will spend some time on InDesign. Also I will look at professional documents that have previously been created on the software. This will give me an insight into the different approaches and layouts.

When submitting my work I must:

  • Have a body full of experimental studies, tradition design tests and digital design tests
  • A final document, with all supporting research materials
  • Evaluation document

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