CATS – Milestone SELF Evaluation of Presentation

After completing the powerpoint presentation I felt extremely relieved, it was super nerve racking and a VERY stressful process. Overall, I think I did do well considering I completely messed up on the original topic I had chosen. It was to broad and not specific enough, I had really spent a lot of time and thought on that presentation however, finding out I missed the mark just 24 hours before the presentation I realised that I needed to pull something else together so I had something to show.

To be totally honest I fell apart, wasn’t sure how I was going to pull something together in time and honestly I was ready to throw in the towel. It felt like I had the world on my shoulders, no been very well, having family issues and now having 24 hour to start basically from scratch.

What pulled me through was thinking of my twin brother and how i want to make him proud. After, gaining my composure I realised I had a bit of knowledge about a more specific topic that was useful and met the brief. Therefore, I started to research the topic more and created a half decent powerpoint. I also created a script, however had no credit to print it out so tried my best to memorise the content. If i was to do this task again, I would have made sure i could print the content out needed and created cue cards, also made the presentation a lot tighter and better. On some of the slides I feel that there was to much writing. This should have been shorter and more in a bullet point format. This is more appropriate in a presentation. Also, it would have been better if i had the time to rehearse the presentation.

Overall, I was pleased but know there was a large margin that could be improved upon.


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