Breakdown of Brief

For this assignment, I have been asked to find a news worthy story and create a VT package that lasts around 1 minute 40 seconds long. The story could be on anything as long as it’s new and accessible. We have to take on the role as a video journalist meaning that we have to do the following tasks

  1. Find,
  2. Gain access,
  3. capture footage,
  4.  Interview,
  5. conduct piece to cameras or voice overs,
  6. edit it all into a package,
  7. Get it done on deadline.

 I also have to consider sound quality, angles, picture quality to produce a high quality product. In order for this task to be a success we have to gain permission to film and make sure that more footage is captured then what will actually be used. By doing this allows options when editing the piece together. As a journalist this is as important as this is a skill that is transferable in real working life within this industry.

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