Reason behind my first story for the OOTS website 

The reason I chose to write about organ harvesting in the UK, is because we had a Q&A session with out client (Prof. Gary Craig) and one of the things what was asked led him to say: “Organ trafficking is one which a lot of people forget about or don’t realise it’s modern slavery, it is happening still to this day in the U.K..” 

Of the back of this I thought it would be a subject area that is taboo and not many people know much about, therefore as a journalist it gives me the opportunity to inform, educate and produce content. 

Plan for story

  1. Research subject area
  2. Pull out key facts 
  3. Put in FOI if needed 
  4. Draft piece 
  5. Make changes due to the feedback 
  6. Think about making it visual 
  7. Create or produce visual content 
  8. Interview relevant people and edit content 
  9. Put everything together as a finished package
  10. Submit