PTC’s for Video

For my promotional video I realised that I needed something to tie it all together, so the way to do this is to do PTC’s (Piece to Cameras) these will help to tell the narrative and to provide a more personal touch. Each PTC will be framed at a mid close up of head and shoulders, and framed to a side not directly in the centre. This is because looking space is required.

PTC Script

Hi my name is Chelsea Martin and i will be taking a look at some of the sports that inspire me and speaking to those who already participate in the sports.

Sports to me is a life style, it gives an opportunity to be a part of something more, meeting people who share the same passion and love for the sport.

If You would like any details about a disabled sports club in the area or advise

Email me at or tweet me @chelseasparke1

and i will be happy to help