Two of Ofcom’s Important Codes of Conduct to me as a Journalist

OFCOM are the broadcast regulators for TV and Radio. However, parts of their code of conduct are crucial in other fields of journalism. For instance, the written forum.  The two most important sections of the code for journalists are Section 5 (Due impartiality and due  accuracy) and Section 7 (fairness).

All of section five is important for a journalist as each part of the section focuses on making news that is correct and that isn’t biased. This section also is extremely important as it reinforces the ethical and moral guidelines of a credible and truthful journalist. The points below highlight key rules.

Some important parts identified in this section of the code

  • This helps to ensure that news, in whatever platform, is reported with due accuracy and presented with due impartiality. (due – not favouring one side over another)
  • If significant mistakes are made in news it should normally be acknowledged and corrected on air or through the right means.
  • Any personal interest of a reporter or presenter, which call into question the due impartiality of the news/information, must be made clear to the audience.

The other import section is 7 which focuses on fairness. It talks about fairness to all people within organisations and those who are participating in a program. To sum up the section it helps the journalist to sustain a high credible, trustworthy and reliable profile. This helps the public to trust what your saying and helps to uphold your professionalism. The points below highlight key rules.

Some important parts identified in this section of the code

  • This ensures that broadcasters avoid unjust or unfair treatments of an individual or organisation in a program.
  • it may be fair to withhold all or some of the information where it is justified in the public’s interest or under other sections.

Notes -22nd September on Journalism Ethics

Overview on semester 1 tasks 

An essay that will be worth 30% of marks – There are 7 topics with different subject matters to choose from.

Reflections are required throughout the semester on sessions but focused on how it is important to us as the journalist and what we have taken away from the session.

Journalism Ethics

OFCOM – regulates Tv and Radio

IPSO – regulates journalism press but is not a government body. Most newspapers uphold their views using IPSO code of conduct.

What is meant by Ethics?

Ethics is a system of moral principles. These play a role in everyday life.

What is a death knock

The death knock – when someone dies and a journalist knocks on their family’s door to as if they want to do a tribute piece. It needs to be approached sensitively.