Reflection on Court Snatch

In todays session we had a practical that require us to capture images of a defendant who was entering court. For reasons we couldn’t actually go down to courts and take real images of defendants so we set up a fake shoot out side of HSAD.

Before we went out to do the shoot i made sure the camera settings were properly set up. This meant i had to go into the menu, making sure the image quality was set to large and changed it from raw to a JPEG setting.

When actually doing the shoot it didn’t go exactly to plan. The images were pure white, this was because the shutter speed was open to long meaning lots of light got into the images. To avoid this happening again i will take a few shots before the subject arrived – more preparation time. This would minimalise the chances of this happening. I was disappointed with the results, however from this i know understand how important preparation is and how camera set ups have an effect on the overall project. Everybody has bad days, this was definitely mine.

These where the bad images

Better example


This image was taken by Danielle Hayes in our group

This was a good example from a member of the group. If my shutter speed was faster it would have caught something similar to this. The defendant appears to be hiding his face at the side where more photographers were at. this could symbolise that he is ashamed and mot wanting face shots. Because we where at the alternative side this allowed, the photographer to capture the face profile. The defendant has his head down which could imply he is guilty. I believe Danielle’s image was the best of the day as it had the subject mainly in focus and not the background. Also the image shows interest as other photographers appear to be wanting a good shot.