Developing the Brand Identity Further

If I was to continue to develop my Brand identity further, I would;

  • Make the CM flow better, by getting rid of the centre part of the M graphic
  • Make the M Graphic Just black instead of having the same graphic as a tire.
  • Consider different fonts and look at more colours

I think for my first attempt the brand is of a high quality but with these changes it will make it more simple and visually more professional.

Scripts and Key Facts for My News Video

Key Facts to the Story

Panini shed – owned by Benedict’s sandwich bar

Opened back in august 2015

Told that there business is been removed before the 10th of April 2016

Hull city council has granted planning permission to upcoming arrivals of café Nero

Café Nero will have the full plaza outside of St Stephens

Owners are devastated after the news that the business will be removed from the site

Scripts for PTC’s 

I’m here outside the Panini shed in hull city centre on Ferrons way. The owners are devastated after they have been told there getting replaced by Café Nero who has been given planning permission by  Hull City Council to take up the full plaza outside st Stephens shopping centre.

It has been an indepenant business here since august 2015, a year later there shed is to be removed off the site by the 10th April this year. The owners believes it is down to the upcoming city of culture and I’m joined with them now.

Interview here off owners getting their emotions / side of what’s happened

Resident of Hull Phillip Withers stated “it is a disgraceful decision by the Council, the City needs more independent traders not fewer”

Quotes or interview with the council depends what I can get

I’m Chelsea reporting from Hull

The script was a working progress and some spellings are wrong and things and it was particularly written the way I would say it. It is just a indication to what things I need to say. I booked out equipment today ready for me to film the PTC’s and interviews. I already managed to get some Vox pops.