Presentation for History in Journalism (milestone) 

Originally, I had chosen to do my presentation on the history of BBC radio broadcasting. After, speaking to the tutor he informed me that the topic was to broad and had to pick a specific event that had social and political impacts on journalism.

Original presentation

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I picked this topic originally as I had a fairly good knowledge on the topic and is of interest in how radio has developed over many years.

After, hearing that my presentation was wrong just 24 hours before having to actually present the presentation for real put me in a really bad place.

After the panic set in I knew I had to come up with a solution to this problem. In the end just hours before the deadline, I changed the full topic to the leveson enqury. This was difficult as I had to scrap the old content and start right back at the beginning. Research had to be do, PowerPoint had to be put together, a script had to be formed and rehearsed.

New presentation

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This presentation was in the right context to the brief, however wasn’t full realised to the standard I wanted to produce. When rehearing the PowerPoint presentation  I noticed that I didn’t have enough to say as it only lasted around 6 minutes. The mandatory element of the task was to produce a 10 minutes long.

On some of the slides it had lots of information on which, if i had more then a few hours to create it, i would have bullet pointed more as in a presentation its more about the speech then the amount of information on the screen behind.