Reflection on Camera Framing and GV’s

In the session, we paired up and was told that we had to go showcase the skills learned from the previous sessions. We both had to frame different angled shots and had to do an interview each.

Some of my shots I felt where fairly strong. I just didn’t get enough angles. We were asked to shoot each shot for 10 seconds each. This is incredibly important when editing. As i’m in a wheelchair, I personally found it challenging. this is because if I used a tripod my chair would knock the leg of the tripod. I also couldn’t get close enough to operate the camera. I ended up doing the task handheld. This wouldn’t be good enough quality if required in the field of work as the camera doesn’t stay static. The images where over exposed and didn’t come out as planned. However, if an image is darker then you can lighten it up. But if an image is too exposed than the detail in the image maybe lost.

These are a few of my shots

Screenshot (3)

This is a shot of how I would interview. I used depth of field to blur the background out

Screenshot (4)

General View – Of subject writing

Screenshot (5)

General View – different angle of subject writing

Screenshot (7)

General View – Trying to pull focus on from the tree and the subject