Reflection on Specialist feature

The feature I wrote was a specialism piece in health and well-being

I came up with this idea after having to endure the poor quality of the care company. It made me feel as though I wouldn’t have been the only one to receive this poor service. I felt that I had to question things further and see how the staff and other service users were feeling.

My primary sources in the feature are staff members, ex staff members, service users and even a member of the office staff.

When writing the feature, I found the starting introduction very difficult, but after speaking to peers and the tutor they suggested that I do a first person narrative to set the tone, then to move on to the main body. In feedback, I was asked to restrict the first person language in the narrative but struggled too.

The tone throughout writing the feature was serious due to the topical issues.

My feature would be placed in a number of health magazines and national newspaper such as the Independent whose socio demographic is AB C1 C2. Or it may be better placed on BBC news online and Hull Daily Mail because of the serious and more formal tone and it been a local care company.

Overall, I feel like I did my very best with this piece but I know there are areas which I could have improved on to make it even better.

Due to the topic, this could pose issues if published online so because of this I decided that it was best to print out the piece, so that no legal action is taken against me.

Reflection on Specialist news story

The specialism of my news story is sports and the story is about an annual disability awards ceremony that is taking place in Hull.

I came across this story because I have been involved in this event in previous years. I knew it was coming up and decided to contact the organiser to find out more.

I have written this story as if it would be published in a local disability news magazine or the local newspaper. For instance, ‘ParaHey’ would be perfect as this focuses on disability sports and the successes of athletes and teams. If it was to go in the local paper, it could also go on the Hull Daily Mails website in the events and sports section.

When looking art where I would best place this piece, I had to consider the audiences and there demographics.

Hull Daily Mail’s socioeconomic demographics are 2CDE, which breaks down people into categories based on their occupation, education level and earnings.

ParaHey is similar but also is a niche magazine so focuses on a tighter audience.

Both have a reading age that starts at the age of 9 to about 32. This means the language used is very simple and easy to understand.

When righting this I used contacts I already had and made more contacts throughout. The contacts helped me to find out more about the event, this in turn helps me to add value to the piece and helped me gain quotes and made the piece more humanised.

I spoke to Daryl Jones, Kizzy Bluewade, Kizzy’s Parents and other people who are either involved in the planning and participation of the event. I contacted them over Facebook and through making phone calls to them. I didn’t meet up with most of them due to my ill health but did manage to see Kizzy.

To bulk the story up I added information about the different categories of the awards.

Overall, I feel I did a great effort and tried to take as much feedback on board to make it better and found writing the piece interesting.


Hull and East Riding’s Disability Sports Awards is Nearly Here

Sports clubs from all over the East Riding will be celebrating the 4th annual Disability Sports Awards and Fundraiser later this month.

This year will be the first time the event, at KCOM Stadium on Friday 19 May, will cover the whole of the Humber area rather than just Hull.

Tickets are nearly sold out which organisers say is down to the growing appreciation of disabled athletes.

Daryl Jones, 27, organiser of the event and founder of Wheelchair Sports Hull, said: “Having a disability myself makes me want to push forward in helping others, I am proud to be able to help raise money for such great causes.

“Like the previous years, we have had huge support from businesses and a growing amount of nominations for each separate award there is 20 awards up for grabs.”

Some of the award categories include Athlete of the Year Award, Club of the Year Award and New Player of the Year Award.

Kizzy Blue Wade, 12, who plays basketball and electric football, won last year’s Young Female Player of the Year Award is among the athletes who are hoping to win again this year.

She said: “I love sports and the fact that it allows me to stay active and make new friends at the same time.”

As well as the award that will be handed out, there will be fundraising activities taking place such as auctions and raffles.

All the money raised from this event will go back into sporting clubs in the area to improve equipment and help with venue costs.

To book remaining tickets email Tickets include a three-course meal, a welcome drink and a disco.

Sponsor, Organisers and all the athletes involved in the event, hope that it will be a huge success and inspire other people to get involved to become a part of something that is life changing.

Tips for freelance writing and job hunting (notes)  

Don’t be afraid to communicate pick up the phone, go into the work place or set up a meeting.

Initial letter – here are my ideas, 3 clever ideas. Give contacts details because there could be money to be made. 

Lots of self discipline and good money management. Make sure deadlines are adhered to. 

Communicate regularly with clients and contacts. Drop them an email

Writers may be interested in a event MAy 10th PPA event is taking place big industry branches will be there. Magazine writing based 

Develop contacts and target areas that you want to work in, get your name know. Build a portfolio. 

Keep evidence from all conversations with contacts so that if anything is wrong then you can say well I have it in writing what you asked for and agreed to. 

Look on gorkana as it has lots of job alerts advertised. It’s has niche, online/ digital, corporate magazines and internships. Big magazines. Around the country opportunities. 

Be open to job possibilities, don’t limit yourself. 

Update on Progress of News Story (17-04-17)

To be honest I haven’t gotten very far with this piece of work. I’ve had lots of work to catch up on over the easter period. It’s hard juggling to the workload with all of my medical appointments.

To help me get back on track I have created a plan and schedules for when I predict to have things completed by.

My plan for this project is:

  1. research subject area/field (06-03-17)
  2. look at potential story ideas (06-03-17)
  3. choose a story and angle
  4. write key information in note form (27-03-17)
  5. understand aims and objectives (27-03-17)
  6. get quotes using contacts (17-04-17)
  7. Draft piece (17-04-17)
  8. Make changes due to feedback (24-04-17)
  9. finalise and submit (01-05-17)
  10. Reflect (01-05-17)

It is evident that if you look at the points above and my other blog posts, it is clear that I’m behind my plan. Only a few of these points have been completed. One of my main focuses for now until May is to try and attend as many sessions as possible, I need to battle through my illnesses. The best thing for me to do is to try and get ahead of the schedule and get a draft handed in for feedback as soon as.

Right at this moment in time I am really unsure whether I am going to have something to submit for this project.

Over Easter Plans for Projects

As said in a previous post, I have a lot to catch up on and get done due to ill health and time off for surgery. I was really relieved that Easter has come around. This gives me the perfect time to focus on my work and to try and get things ready for the upcoming deadlines. I am worried that I won’t be able to get everything finished in time for submission, but by planning and organising my time will give me a better chance.

I’ve outlined what needs to be done for the self-initiated project in a different post.

I also need to complete:

CATS unit

  • Presentation on academic essay writing, looking at the strengths and weaknesses of my last semester essay.
  • Dissertation proposal
  • Dissertation presentation, what I will be doing and why chosen that subject matter.
  • 2 Industry reflections;
    • look at the ethics and morality surrounding virtual reality. There’s lots of debate going on in the industry about a variety of issues connected to this – this article will prove a useful starting point for your research, as will this. The question you need to formulate an answer/argument around is this: What can publishers do to try to prevent public concern around the ethics of virtual reality?
    • You’ll be picking up on a theme from journalism day on Monday, and the fragmentation of mainstream media. Newspapers are in trouble. Circulation is dropping, ad revenue is shrinking, and the industry has experienced an unprecedented wave of layoffs and cutbacks. The reflection I want you to look at answers the question: Is print dead, and the future of journalism purely online? Conducting your own research, I want you to formulate and argument, either way, backing up your assertions through research (which should be Harvard Referenced).


Creative futures – Carmen

  • Identify what feature story will be and how I will approach the subject.
  • Write a draft, submit when back
  • Research and plan a news story
  • Identify what the news story will be and how I will approach the subject.
  • Write a draft, submit when back

Work for Sally

  • Make a mock up site on WordPress.
  • Identify strength and weaknesses

Blog posting throughout to evidence where I am at and to show progression.

Statement of Intent for my News Story (Week 9, 03-04-17)

For my news story, I have decided that the specialist is that I will be focusing in will definitely sport. Sports journalism is hugely popular with more and more demands. The recent Olympics and Paralympics has raised the profile on the athletes and the different sports.

On more of a local level, Hull is very well known for sports. This is because we have a divide between the east and west hull areas. As a result, we have two local rugby teams. There is also a football team in the premier league. Clubs for all different sports are available for people to participate in all over the city.

The story I have chosen to do is, Local wheelchair sports team have high hopes for the new season ahead.

Publicity is key for this specialism as it helps to raise the profile of the different sports and those who already take part. It could be a piece about successes and failures, key rules, states, profiles of athletes and much more.

Getting quotes for the piece will help inject a human aspect and the audience may be able to connect to the person. It may even inspire people to get involved.