Reflection of my Online News Story

Overall, I thought the topic for the news story was really interesting and would be something I thought the audience may need or want to know. I feel like it was a really had task to do as if feel that my writing skills are not up to the standard I would have liked, the main struggle was making sure that I followed the inverted pyramid technique this means that the most relevant information is placed right at the top and the less significant information for the story to go further down. I feel that with time this will come but more practice is in order.

In the news story I thought I covered the mandatory elements really well as I included a number of multimedia and infographics. I included my own images, a rate system (created on poll daddy), a word cloud (created on and a mini infographic that had key facts and statistics. This news story would have been improved if the NHS press office would give out stats that I asked for, instead they were been a bit difficult in the sense that they stated they wouldn’t provide the information asked for as they want to maintain the NHS reputation. On the phone and over email I did explain that it is a positive piece that highlights the changes and plans to move forward to improve the service. The images taken where of the NHS Hull Royal Infirmary as this are relevant to the story; a gallery was embedded to the news story as it shows different elements to the NHS like where the patient transport desk is etc. As this piece is for online I thought about the techniques learnt over the recent session and took advice on how to get better placed in the SEO as I embedded URL links into the news story. This allows users to click on and get lead onto other relevant websites. I also tried to use as many key and relevant words to make it stand out.

Overall, I am proud that I have something to submit however the task for me was really difficult and need to keep practicing key skills that will help me get to a higher professional standard, the infographics could have been improved if I had access to statistics that where more relevant.

Online News Story’s Target Audience 

The story I chose to cover was on the plans to improve the local patient transport NHS services. As the story is local based it makes the target audience for it narrow. This was local news so would only be of interest to people with the area. This topic is important as its about the health service providers.  The target audience for the news story would be for local paper (Hull Daily Mail) has a really broad age range as the language is very simple and easy to read. In my opinion I think people over the ages of 12 would be able to read and get an understanding of the storyline. It is always important that newspapers use the right language to match to socio -ergonomic staues for the audience. It will mean the paper in much more suitable and ultimately means the papers are going to gain a higher viewership. In the Hull Daily mail it uses images and recognisable news stories that people from the area would expect and want to know about.

As this piece of news writing was designed for online, I think that by creating a SEO savvy headline makes this specific piece more appropriate for the online Hull Daily Mail. Also the fact that it has multimedia platforms embedded allows the online audience to get involved and take part. This is important as it gives the audience more of an immersive experience. This wouldn’t have the same effect if it was released in the print platform.

News Story for Piece of Online Journalism

In order for me to complete this task, I had to find a story/ follow up. I was given an idea from a general discussion between friends about the hate crime that has happen towards a disabled actress. From this, I used social media to contact the actress.

My thoughts are that i could incorporate the skills we learned through the different online softwares to incorporate Tweets, Quotes and video. This piece will be a follow up of what has happened to her recently, how it made her feel and what advise would she give to people around the world. I will send her an email with a list of questions, this will allow her to give me more information on what I want to know. I could direct quote/ para phrase and get the story itself just from what she says.cherylee

My Attempt at writing a news piece

Coronation street’s own: Cherylee Houston, speaks out about the levels of discrimination still taking place in society 

After, the recent events of Cherylee been subjected to ‘Hate crime, because of her disability’, it left her feeling shaken and angry.

Cherylee was frank with her opinions on the issue surrounding discrimination towards people with disabilities and who she feels is to blame.

The soap star, who plays `Izzy Armstrong’ has had multiple threats over the last few years as some people don’t seem to understand that there are different types, strength and affects, conditions have on the body. No disability is the same.

Cherylee tweeted: “I think it’s heightened a lot since the recent cuts as everyone is bearing the brunt”,

To meet the brief, I have to have an interactive/infographic. By using Polldaddy allows the public to get involved have there say.

After having a discussion with a tutor I came to the realisation that it wasn’t necessarily correct therefore to amend this I changed what my news story was going to be on and thought more about how can this be written from a new angle whilst keeping the mandatory elements of the brief.

My new idea was to write a piece on the NHS patient transport and find out what they are doing in accordance to the bad service patients received over the last year and take a look at how they are going the improve and tackle this issue. I also will include a poll in the news story as it allows the public to get involved and have there say – even add a comments section at the bottom, to get more in-depth responces. I will also include a image taken by myself of a patient transport bus or of the hospital, this gives the piece a visual aid.

My second attempt at the task

NHS plan to improve Patient Transport for 2016

The NHS plans to improve patient transport service in the upcoming year, as the facility provided is not currently providing the citizens with the best and most reliable service possible. Patients can expect to experience a range of improvements, including

  • To gain better information about how to access the service
  • More information on their eligibility for the service
  • A much improved booking process that will help to make things easier and more sufficient.
  • Access to new information on their booking (using latest technology)

And the big issue of trying to get consistently prompt and reliable pick-up and drop-off times, regardless of where they live in the county.

The reasons for the change is because In 2015, many patients who travelled with the service was unsatisfied as they were either to late or even too early for their appointments. Also waiting times to get home after appointments could be up to a few hours, this is because of the demand for the service.  Many people have issues understanding the guidelines to their eligibility. Few having issues as they have to travel alone and not with a family member. The rules behind this are to do with the mental state of the individual.


Image taken by Chelsea R Martin on the 4th January 2016

Gallery –

In a recent press release, Chief executive Chris Long said “admittedly, the care environment that is provided hasn’t been ideal for the patients or staff to work in but our aim is to learn from recent mistakes.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 16.00.37Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 15.57.31

Reasons people may require NHS patient transport

  1. To attend hospital out-patient clinics
  2. When the patient is being admitted or discharged from hospital.
  3. Needing life-saving treatments such as chemotherapy or renal dialysis.

Patient Miss Martin said “I have been travelling with the NHS patient transport for many years; well most of my life, the staff are extremely friendly”

Mrs Mathers went on to say “My daughter requires a lot of help and has lots of appointments. Over the last few years the NHS Patient Transport service, stated that because she was mental health, she could travel with the transport on her own and that I would have to find alternative ways to meet her there, therefore she had to travel on her own. I wasn’t happy as she is disabled and requires personal aid for other needs she has”

How do you rate the NHS Patient Transport service?

In the attachment below is a word document that I wrote the news story on, i have added comments to the different pieces in the article explain why used and what it brings to the article.

nhs news story with comments

I noticed that it still needed improving using the hierarchy system for most important information, therefore it was re shuffled around to make it more professional looking.


The Brief for Writing for Purpose 1

In the first semester we were handed our module handbook, this outlined the tasks that were mandatory for the hand in for marking.

Within, this module I have to complete the tasks. My submission will include the following written pieces:

  • News Story 1: Research and present a 350-word news story for an identified publication. This should include text and image, headline and picture caption quotes.
  • News story 2: Attend an event or meeting and write a 350-word news story for an identified publication. This should include text and image, headline and picture caption quotes.
  • Piece of Online Journalism: style, content and use of multimedia appropriate to platform.  This may be HyperFruit or our own news platform. Wordcount: 350 words.
  • Reflective blog, with notes, research and reflections on the material coveredLinks to my work for this module need to be clearly signposted from your blog. The blog  will be used to reflect your personal journey through the module, including notes and initial drafts of material i produce.  It will also be used to demonstrate my blogging skills through production of blogs relating to the journalism industry.  My blog entries will also provide a body of research, news and opinions about the industry.
  • Minimum of three independently sourced articles posted onto Hyperfruit. These articles should be independent of newsdays and include at least one form of multimedia. Minimum wordcount: 200 words plus one piece of multimedia.

My Current Idea Development

News Story 1:

  • It will be a factual news story
  • this will include the following: text and image, headline and picture caption quotes.
  • The total word count for this is 350. 10% allowed either way
  • This will be based on a large amount of research

I have got an idea for this task which is to write a piece based around the unemployment rates for those with a disability. This will be done from a different angle to what has already been done before as, i will conduct relevant research, interviews, phone conversation. speaking to people who are affected, to get a more personal account. It needs to be spoken about as it is still a massive issue, with declines in the amount of disabled people in employment. I will be including all mandatory elements needed to make sure i complete the task correctly.

Before i start writing anything i will make sure it is suitable for the task by speaking to the relevant tutor.

Piece of online journalism:

  • It will be a piece of online journalism.
  • This will be a follow up/ new angle on topics at hand
  • It will include some of these: text, image, audio, slide show or video.
  • The total word count for this is 350. 10% allowed either way
  • The piece should include quotes and interviews. (celebrities/friends/experts and others that may be useful)

I have got an idea for this task which is to write a follow up piece on the hate crimes people receive in conjunction to them having a disability and the benefit cuts for disabled people. I will include text, an image (tweets) and possibly a poll at the end. This gives the audience an interactive element, allowing a better user experience. Also hyperlinks on key words which will allow users to get lead onto a different webpage that is relevant to the word.

Before i start writing anything i will make sure it is suitable for the task by speaking to the relevant tutor.

Research into MOJO (Mobile Journalism)

What is Mobile Journalism?

accessibility – immedicy (quick and easy)

What are common apps that journalists use?

Some of the key tools/ apps that i found out through research was

Pro HDR- by eyeApps LLC, it does have a charge of ($1.99)

Photogene – by Omer Shoor, it also has a cost of ($1.99)

Dropbox- which is a FREE app that allows individuals to save content, send and transfer content.

SoundCloud-by SoundCloud Ltd, it is a FREE

snap seed – another music app and It is free

TwistedWave Audio Editor -by TwistedWave ($9.99)  

Dragon Dictation – Nuance Communications (FREE )

WriteRoom by Hog Bay Software $4.99  

Evernote- by Evernote FREE  

WordPress by Automattic (FREE

From this research, I can use these tools in order for me to become a better practitioner of journalism. Using these tools on my phone will allow me to be more flexible and still capture and write important things. Using my phone can be really useful as i will not have to carry around as much equipment and then being able to send information straight to the right people.


Finding Data

In this session, we were given the task to working in pairs and conduct research into multiple of things about data.

  1. What is data?

‘1.Information in raw or unorganized form (such as alphabets, numbers, or symbols) that refer to, or representconditionsideas, or objects. Data is limitless and present everywhere in the universe’.

“Facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis”

2.What are the different types of data?

Qualitative datais descriptive information (it describes something)

Quantitative data, is numerical information (numbers).

     3. What is data journalism?

Data journalism is a journalism specialty reflecting the increased role that numerical data is used in the production and distribution of information in the digital era. It reflects the increased interaction between content producers (journalist) and several other fields such as design, computer science and statistics.

      4. Why is data journalism important?

This is why data journalism is so important. Gathering, filtering and visualizing what is happening beyond what the eye can see has a growing value. – See more at:

         5.What are different sources of data?

Alphanumeric or Text, Number, Currency, Date/Time, Autonumber and Logical, Boolean, Yes/No

Sources of Data

  • survey results
  • newspapers
  • books
  • magazines
  • internet – data websites from organisations. i.e.
  • social media
  • posters/flyers
  • leaflets
  • annuals
  • infographics

This task, was a done in pairs, (worked with Danielle Hayes). Then we shared the information with the rest of the class and collated all results in order to gain a better understanding.

What is Semiotics?

Semiotics is a study in which highlights and goes beneath what it is, it looks more at the meanings created through that subject. That subject could be a lots of things an image, scene, logo, written words etc. The study looks at the 3S’s sign, signifier and symbol.

The sign is made up from the signifier and signified. This is where something can communicate a meaning, it is a way that meaning can be used to tell truth or lies. The sign is like a mathematical equation (signifier+ signified= sign). The signifier is something like a word, image or expressions. It is a material thing that gives visuals. However, the signified is is the concept that is portrayed through the signifier.

Through the semiotic methods everything can be identified through different meanings. This could be the literal meaning of something or left for people to depict. Everything can be seen in many different lights for instance, when looking at something people get different things from it. Like the Dove brand, some people see it as a representation of the animal/bird, some will look at hidden meanings like peace. Everything we see like logos, brands, images and colours all have denotations and connotations (ethical, social and cultural meanings).

Denotations – Is the actual thing, what we see (surface meaning)

Connotations – Is the associated meanings behind something (hidden and more in-depth meanings)

It is our job as human beings to decode the data that we are given, and work out for ourselves if we get the same messages that others get or does it mean something completely different to the individual. Throughout, learning about semiotics it will make me more aware and conscious of how and what data i put out the the viewers and how i present that data. This is incredibly important for me as it will allow me to mould content to how i want the audiences to receive the information.