I have uploaded all content onto the website. No one else has done it so I thought I would do so because I do not want to fail. Danielle has mentioned that she is going to look at the fonts and layout. It feels like everything yet again has been left to us two to sort out. No one has had a say in the website as they never turned up and myself, Danielle and Sally have done everything for it. I don’t think it’s fair that others get marked for this module.

It was worrying to see how little people have put on the group blog.

  • There was 6 written pieces of mine and one video
  • 5 written pieces of Danielle’s
  • one piece each for Rob, Fallon and Paul.

I don’t know if they have done anything else because they never communicate and they haven’t uploaded anything else on the group blog. I don’t see work from everyone in my group.

Me having to upload everything has taken time and is causing me to take valuable time away from my other modules which I have to finish. I mean its 1.19 in the morning and ive just finished for the night. I am so disappointed in the group.

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