Self Initiated Project – Evaluation

For the self-initiated project I believe I did really well considering my medical situation; the lack of leadership and communication from the group.

The group was no existent really as most sessions involved just one or two of us because people decided not to turn up.

I believe that the more reliable people should have stepped up to be editor. It was clear that Fallon had no interest in the subject so didn’t make much effort. If I had not had an operation I think I would have taken the role on.

Normally I love working as a team but this group in particular was so frustrating. I don’t know if it was because they didn’t care or just because they couldn’t be bothered.

An issue I had was that I wasn’t sure what content everyone had decided to cover, so this meant that work could have been duplicated which is a total waste of time.

I multiple occasions I tried to get in touch with the group to find out the situation of who was covering what but there was no response or a sarcastic comment made. I messaged a few members of the group separately and gained a response. The communication was very limited.

I expressed to the group that we have to start working together if we want to get this project completed and to a high standard but people just moaned. It’s like they gave up and that didn’t seem fair to the two/three of us that wanted to do well and put the most effort in.

After putting off work for a while whilst I recovered from my operation I then got myself motivated to finish the work I had started and too started of more work. I focused on myself and what I wanted to write about. In the end I didn’t consider what anyone else was doing because deadlines were not going to wait and I wasn’t submitting anything.

I planned my time out well using Gantt charts but this was messed up with me having to take time off. When I returned I felt extremely panicked and felt I have a lot to do in a very short amount of time.

The most difficult piece turned out to be the best in my opinion, things didn’t go to plan but I had thought about contingency plans in the event of something going wrong. It was a news piece about a Victim of sex trafficking and exploitation. It took a while for the victim to get back to me, then when we filmed the interview; there where sound issues. Also, the re-film had to be done by an actor due to the individual not having time to re-meet me. This wasn’t too much of an issue as we had the transcript from the first interview.

I managed to create 8 pieces of content for the website and I feel like I have done a nice variety of things. Some of the things I have done include; videos, news pieces, breaking news and features.

If I was to improve anything about my work would be to create more multimedia elements to go with them. I felt pressed for time in the last three weeks as I had to juggle the different pieces of content due to me having time of for my operation and recovery time.

Overall, the self-initiated project was very challenging as a result of the group not pulling together and not communicating. I felt like I was organised but feel like I should have stepped up as editor or deputy editor and took charge. I am so disappointed overall with the project as it was such a struggle and still to this day I am not sure how much content the group have overall to submit. My pieces where really interested in doing and I feel I did the best I could have done under my circumstances.

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