Error noticed on the Title/facts Video

Watching back my finished video I noticed that I didn’t make all the relevant changes that was suggested to me in the peer feedback.

I made changes to spellings, changed a word at the end and made the facts stay on the screen longer.

I forgot to flip the facts graphic so that it makes it easier for the audience to read the fact and so that it makes sense.

I also noticed that through the exporting stage the facts have jumbled themselves up and not they way it looks on the premiere pro timeline. This is an issue that needs addressing. I don’t know how or why that has happened. I spoke to Lee the technician guy and he had no idea either, he said to just re- export it to see if that sorts out the issues.

If I have time before the deadlines, I will go back to this an make this slight change. It wont take to long to do but its just if I finish everything else first. If I don’t get chance, I still have this version to submit and it still looks good and I would just say if I had longer that it could be improved further.

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