Profile Piece- Professor Gary Craig

Professor Gary Craig, working life has been devoted to the NGO sector, in large-scale community development projects and he spent a huge amount of time within academic studying.

He has accumulated many qualification including, BSc Dip Ed Dip CW PhD AcSS FRSA. In 1991, he finished his PhD at the University of Bradford.

Prof G Craig said: ‘I hold the world’s first Chair in Social Justice and am Director of the Centre for Research in Social Inclusion and Social Justice.’

His major research interests are in ‘race’ and ethnicity, social justice, community development, poverty and inequality and local governance and has published widely in those areas

Prof Gary, has about 250 publications in total and these include; books, chapters in books, journal articles and research reports.

Some of the books he has written are, ‘Understanding “race” and ethnicity”, Child Slavery, the Community Development Reader, and Social Justice and Public Policy.’

He Chairs the North East Regional Race Crime and Justice Research Network, co-convenes the Modern Slavery research Consortium and is a Trustee of the Tutu UK Foundation.

His life’s work has helped to expose, understand and educate people about the issues surrounding modern slavery; he often speaks out about common forms of Modern day slavery in the UK, and addresses what they are, widespread concerns and new fears.

In his spare time, he enjoys unwinding by doing various activities including; walking, bird watching and singing.

He wanted us to create this website to help expose what is still happening today in the UK. The aim of the website is to be informative, educational and on the pulse. The pieces of work should have elements of multimedia.


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