Writing a Profile Piece on Professor G Craig

The idea for writing a piece about Prof G Craig was in the initial group conversations right at the start of the semester, however, as I am aware no one has done a piece about him as of yet. Therefore, I have decided to take on this task. I have tried to speak to the group to make sure no one has done a similar piece but there was no response. It is so frustrating as it is meant to be a group project.

The group had submitted what they had for the website yesterday. However, with my extension, I feel this piece will be important for the website.

Anyways the first thing I am going to do is research, this will give me a better understanding of who he is and what he has done in terms of the subject of modern slavery. I have a bit of knowledge about him as he has been in to do a Q&A and is the client who has set the task of building the website.

I will also contact Prof G Craig himself to find out a bit about him, this may give me more information on what has been published about him previously.


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