Spotlight: Unicef UK Charity

Unicef UK is a children’s charity, which aims to keep all children healthy, happy and safe; they have been changing young lives for more than 20 years.

There are 36 Unicef divisions around the world, Unicef UK is just one of them. Other divisions are based in Canada, Hong Kong, America, Belgium, Australia, Denmark, and France. They’re based in industrialised countries, and they all help fight, improve and look after children’s rights.

They work to change government policies and practices that are detrimental to children’s rights. Such as Education policies.

The charity reaches two million children a year here in the UK and over the next five years, they want to triple that figure to six million.

“We make the most of new technologies and we embrace innovation to ensure our work for children is always relevant and pioneering”, according to the website.

Some of the ways they help are through, Child Rights Launchpad which is an interactive online resource that helps children to explore and learn about their rights U-report which is an anonymous messaging service that allows young people to speak out on issues that matter to them and get their voices heard.

Also, they have many programmes that help children in the UK, such as the
Baby friendly initiative that supports breastfeeding, helping new parents to give their babies the love, care, and nourishment they need to get the best start in life.

The Rights Respecting Schools Award helps make classrooms places where children feel valued, respected and able to thrive and the Child Right Partners programme helps children up and down the country, that including the most vulnerable – to feel safe, heard and nurtured, by transforming the services that are there to support them.

The charity is funded entirely by supporters. They receive no money from the UN budget.

To keep up to date with what the UNICEF UK committee are doing, follow them on Facebook at Or alternatively follow their official website:

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