Reflection on Specialist news story

The specialism of my news story is sports and the story is about an annual disability awards ceremony that is taking place in Hull.

I came across this story because I have been involved in this event in previous years. I knew it was coming up and decided to contact the organiser to find out more.

I have written this story as if it would be published in a local disability news magazine or the local newspaper. For instance, ‘ParaHey’ would be perfect as this focuses on disability sports and the successes of athletes and teams. If it was to go in the local paper, it could also go on the Hull Daily Mails website in the events and sports section.

When looking art where I would best place this piece, I had to consider the audiences and there demographics.

Hull Daily Mail’s socioeconomic demographics are 2CDE, which breaks down people into categories based on their occupation, education level and earnings.

ParaHey is similar but also is a niche magazine so focuses on a tighter audience.

Both have a reading age that starts at the age of 9 to about 32. This means the language used is very simple and easy to understand.

When righting this I used contacts I already had and made more contacts throughout. The contacts helped me to find out more about the event, this in turn helps me to add value to the piece and helped me gain quotes and made the piece more humanised.

I spoke to Daryl Jones, Kizzy Bluewade, Kizzy’s Parents and other people who are either involved in the planning and participation of the event. I contacted them over Facebook and through making phone calls to them. I didn’t meet up with most of them due to my ill health but did manage to see Kizzy.

To bulk the story up I added information about the different categories of the awards.

Overall, I feel I did a great effort and tried to take as much feedback on board to make it better and found writing the piece interesting.



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