Reflection on Specialist feature

The feature I wrote was a specialism piece in health and well-being

I came up with this idea after having to endure the poor quality of the care company. It made me feel as though I wouldn’t have been the only one to receive this poor service. I felt that I had to question things further and see how the staff and other service users were feeling.

My primary sources in the feature are staff members, ex staff members, service users and even a member of the office staff.

When writing the feature, I found the starting introduction very difficult, but after speaking to peers and the tutor they suggested that I do a first person narrative to set the tone, then to move on to the main body. In feedback, I was asked to restrict the first person language in the narrative but struggled too.

The tone throughout writing the feature was serious due to the topical issues.

My feature would be placed in a number of health magazines and national newspaper such as the Independent whose socio demographic is AB C1 C2. Or it may be better placed on BBC news online and Hull Daily Mail because of the serious and more formal tone and it been a local care company.

Overall, I feel like I did my very best with this piece but I know there are areas which I could have improved on to make it even better.

Due to the topic, this could pose issues if published online so because of this I decided that it was best to print out the piece, so that no legal action is taken against me.


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