Industry Reflection: Is the printed magazine industry dead?

The magazine industry is causing lots of debates to whether or not people believe printed magazines will die out. Over the last decade, lots of magazines have gone out of print.

Niche magazines seem to have flourished, in the sense that they have captured a specific gap in the market, which that audience enjoy learning and reading about. I believe that these kinds of magazines will stand a chance of survival.

It’s a fact that magazines in today’s society are struggling, many are facing a loss of sales, pricing changes, changing of branding and are having to change there target audience; this subsequently then has an impact on the way things are written and the language they use.

print magazines outlets are having to work extremely hard to keep the audience engaged and wanting to come back and get more. This means that they have to have fresh angles. Modern day technologies are making print even harder to keep in the market, due to the new ease of online and how fast people can gain information. Social media, for example, is on the pulse, free and give a user an immersive experience. Online platforms are booming and apps like Readly are posing the new fashion forward ways of reading magazines. There is a total of 2190 magazines on the app and includes back issues. It does come at a price of £7.99 per month. This is a good option for those who read a lot or spends lots on the printed versions.

Print magazines can be costly to produce and to get printed therefore the cost of magazines are on the rise. This may be a factor in why sales are going down.

Online won’t appeal to all, some people simply like to feel the magazine in their hands and manually change the pages. Therefore, the death of print magazines won’t happen anytime soon. I do think the circulation figure of print magazine will decrease even future but if they find a way to keep up with the new changes and really focus in on a specific sector, the decrease won’t be as rapid.


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