Industry Reflection: Is print dead, and is the future of journalism purely online?

In today’s society, we are seeing print sale figure drop and print outlets close down. As a result of the drop in sales, print media is having to consider moving more online due to the advances in technology and audiences demands. “Is print media dead?”, is a question that many people are asking. It is a very controversial topic, many people share their thoughts and fears.

For instance, Hull Daily Mail have started to use multiple platforms besides the printed version. They have an online presence with their website and social media links. This just gives them more chance of meeting the high demands to hear what is happening and be the first to cover a story. Also, this way allows them to still get content out to the audience but they lose some revenue as people and more inclined to look online now rather than paying and going to get a paper.

Some papers do have both online and print but to keep revenue they have something called a paywall in place that means people have to pay whether they want to view and read online or not. This is good really as it tends to cost more than the printed version this gives the print an advantage in that sense.

The news is becoming more immediate and in higher demands, newspapers are struggling to keep up with the fast pace and are no longer quick enough. Modern technologies have a better chance of getting audience attention due to them being a fast pace and more on the pulse. Social media is key to the decline in print I believe as things are so easily published on there the problem is that social media is a place where people alter the truth and makes it hard sometimes for people to identify the truth.

In conclusion, print without a doubt is dying. media outlets are struggling to find a solution to keeping print journalism alive and making money. Online journalism is paving the way for most viewing and it is taking the audience by storm. The audience finds it easier to look online and it is cheaper and allows them to use it on the go.

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