BREAKING NEWS STORY – Further Information.

Due to watching the news and reading up online about recent modern-day slavery cases, I wanted more information, earlier on in the year we had to attend council meetings for a different piece of work. It was there I met Lee Freeman, Temporary Deputy Chief Constable of Humberside police. He gave me his email and said if I ever needed anything to contact him.

So I took him up on his offer and sent him an email. I explained who I was, as it was a while ago we meet, outlined what the project is that where doing, then asked the questions I had.

He replied to me and sent me a link to a press release on the recent case of the Romanian couple’s case. This is really useful as I plan on writing a piece up on it for the website.

This was a useful link as it has also go additional documents that outline the pleas of each of them.

Now I have this information, I can now start to make editorial decisions to what the key information is and start to write up a piece.

He said that I would probably need permission to use the images if intended to do so.


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