Staring to edit video

In order to follow my edit decision plan, I need to set up a project file and relevant bins so that it is organised. I will be using premiere pro.

Now I have all the content it is just a matter of fact to put it all together. First I import all the files I will need into the project file.

On the timeline I place the smoke & soundtrack on the sound layer 3 and video layer 1. I put key frames in and drop the sound levels at the start and end.

Next I created all the relevant titles and text boxes I will be using this will save time later. once happy I move on to adding them to the timeline one after the other leaving gaps. I make sure that each fact comes in on a beat.  I then do the same thing add key frames and have them fade in and out.

The first title will be different to the facts as it will come in screen and transition upwards to the top of the screen and stay there throughout the first half of the video.

I then will add images into the section in the video where needed and match them to appear at the same time as the matching title.

Once, happy I will export it and ask others to take a look and give me feedback.


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