Edit decision plan for video  

To help me create a decent video I need to plan out each second of the video and say what I may want to happen. This will help me later to edit it together and it will save me time as I know where everything needs to go and how long it will stay on screen.

Underneath is a proposal of timings and transitions.

Dip from back, fade in – titles appear in centre then transitions to top on page. this will take 3 seconds.

Then facts fade in and stays on screen for 4 seconds before fading out this happens 4 times with different facts. 25 seconds this should take.

Then images will appear one after the next as a sequence with titles to explain what the image represents. 10 seconds

Then a round up of someone saying I am a surviver but I was lucky then dips to black.

All the way through there will be music but what that will be I am unsure right now.


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