Response from an Email

Earlier on in the semester, I contacted a bunch of companies, charities, and experts to do with modern slavery.

Today, I got a response from the Foreign & Commonwealth Media Office. Palan Suchak sent me some information on topics I am covering and also other information that may help to make more content. In the same email, I was told where I could find more information.

On the back of this email, it sparked another potential news story which is about forced marriage in the UK. This would be a great addition to this projects portfolio and I doubt anyone else in the group will have thought about this area of modern slavery. I wouldn’t know for sure as they never respond to messages.

At the moment I have multiple pieces going on but I think the forced marriage information and leads will be fairly useful and too good to not take up. I will fit this in around the other projects. It will be a piece that is formulated by statistics from press releases and other secondary materials.

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