Planning Unicef Story Write Up

Planning this story was fairly simple, I did lots of research on Unicef. There was so much information it was a task of reading through it all and pulling out the key information. Whilst doing this research it opened my eyes to the fact that there is Unicef UK, which is much more relevant to the website content.

I need to get a working title, an intro that explains who they are, what they do, where they are and how long they’ve been running. I then want to make people aware of how many different committees there are and what they fight for. Also, how many people they have helped and how they go around making a different. Quotes may be used to add credibility and value to the piece. Then helpline and further links to more information about Unicef.

The reason behind this structure is because I want facts to be the main focus in the write-up. I have also seen other spotlight pieces which were written in this structure.

By having this structure it will help me to put the written piece together and save time. If this doesn’t work then I could change things around. I want to get a draft done this week and submit it for some feedback so that I can make amendments. Once, the amendments are done I will then submit it again. If it is all ok then I will add to the group’s blog ready for it to be placed into the website layout.


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