Filming Part 2 – Trying on the clothes

Today, Danielle came to mine to film her trying on the clothes. For some reason the camera had black lines running horizontal and we didn’t know how to stop it from happening. Due to delays of filming, we decided to press forward with the filming anyways.

We had an idea of the shots we wanted so I set the tripod up accordingly. Once we had the shots we wanted we spent a few minutes discussing if there were any other shots we could do with for this section of the film.

In total, we had mid-long shots of her wearing the items of clothes, close up shots of parts of the items of clothes, a panning down shots of each item, static shots. We had a piece to camera, her entering the bedroom and her process before she started trying the clothes on.

I believe we have more than enough footage and enough variety to make it not a jump-cut sequence. cutaways will allow us to transition smoothly.

I am off out later so I will be transferring the footage over to my laptop like I did the last lot of footage.


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