Videos needed for Website

In a recent session with Sally, which only me and Danielle turned up to, we discussed the content we had to put into the templates. It was a little embarrassing, to say the least. between the two of us, we had 4 pieces. This wasn’t enough to make the template look full.

Sally was asking about the video Paul and Andrew were meant to be doing but we’ve heard nothing back from them. She said to look at it from they may not return so we have to step up and get some videos and other content to go in the template. She asked that we get spring board content for now.

She asked me to put together a short Video of main facts about modern slavery to go on the very homepage. I said this is something I could do.

She also mentioned about turning my victims account of sex trafficking into a visual piece, like a news bulletin video. I also said I could do this. 

In this session, I spent the time researching facts and looking on the group blog to see if there were facts on there that could be used. I then started to make a plan to how I wanted it to look on screen and to what other content I would need to pull it together.


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