Group Progress and Communication

Since we have come back after the Easter holidays, the full group except me and Danielle hasn’t been attending sessions. Both me and Danielle have had to keep trying to communicate with the group over social media. This has been frustrating because most do not get back to us and keep saying they have done work, but nothing has materialised as of yet.

The only work up to now that has been posted on the group website is mine and Danielle’s. This has been an issue more so for Sally’s sessions as we need content in order to build the website. I am so frustrated as the others are not communicating and has left me and Danielle nothing to work with.

We have not had group discussions for a long time so finding out where people are at is impossible to know.

The group sub-editor and editor haven’t been around or pressing people for any work. Paul seems to have disappeared from the course which is a problem for us as he apparently did lots of stuff for the website. On numerous occasions, I have reached out to him on facebook messenger but he hasn’t replied back to any.

This is the worst group I’ve had to work with mainly due to people turning up or submitting work. the group doesn’t talk to each other and I will be amazed if we pull this website off.


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